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Zhou Gong's dream interpretation

Zhou Gong's dream interpretation

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Dreaming about snakes of various colors:

The spirit of the snake is considered to be the awakening of inner power. If the snake in the dream is colorful and makes the dreamer feel a special joy, then it may represent the spiritual power of intuition and wisdom; if the dreamer has a religious belief This may imply that the spiritual cultivation of the dreamer is growing. Even if the dreamer does not have a specific belief, it also means that the dreamer has a good relationship with his own inner wisdom. He should make good use of his instincts and get unexpected results.

Dreaming of a green snake biting a hand is auspicious, meaning that the dreamer's life will be carefree;

Dreaming of a green snake biting his wife's hand means that the dreamer will be happy in love;

Pregnant women dream of green snakes, suggesting that the dreamer's fetus will develop very healthy.

Dreaming of a red snake means that the dreamer will have a happy event;

Unmarried men and women dream of a red snake, implying that the dreamer may find someone they like in the near future, and he will be very happy;

Married men and women dream of the red snake, suggesting that the dreamer's children will be happy and will grow up happily;

The patient dreamed of a red snake, suggesting that the dreamer's body would recover quickly.

Dreaming of a green snake implies that the dreamer may have bad news to make him unhappy;

Dreaming of a white snake is auspicious, a sign of fortune;

The pregnant woman dreamed that the white snake was in her arms, suggesting that the dreamer would have a bright and beautiful daughter.

Dreaming about catching, killing, and playing snakes:

Dreaming about killing snakes is auspicious, indicating that the dreamer will eliminate difficulties and everything goes well

Dreaming about killing a snake implies that the dreamer can conquer the enemy or defeat the competitor.

Dreaming of cutting off the snake's head indicates that the dreamer hasn't encountered any difficulties for the time being. Even if they encounter difficulties, they can all be solved and find a way to overcome them.

Dreaming about catching a snake, because the snake is a symbol of sex, the dreamer will naturally be mixed with some anger, which also implies that the dreamer is in a state of dissatisfaction with the current sex life.

Dream about many snakes

Dreaming about a group of snakes staying at home, implying that the dreamer will keep making money;

Dreaming about a pair of snakes, suggesting that the dreamer may not live with his parents for a long time, and will soon separate.

The businessman dreams of a pair of snakes, which indicates that the dreamer can make a fortune.

Dreaming about swarms of snakes going out from home means that the dreamer's economy has become more difficult recently than before. Perhaps this time, there are more places where money is spent.

Dreaming of being surrounded by a lot of snakes, it means that the dreamer has been jealous of others, and these people may think of some tricks to ruin their reputation, reminding the dreamer to pay more attention to his words and deeds Don't offend people.