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Free lottery is an important method for the prediction of the folks in our country. The method of lottery fortune-telling has a wide range of beliefs among the people in our country. The relationship between Zhou Yi and time, such as (guanyin spirit lottery drawing), Zhuge fortunetelling, and Huang Daxian spirit lottery, all need to have a sincere mentality. Bazi Guanyin Ling Lottery Lottery has a more accurate result, and each prediction is a lottery. The person who undoes the lottery after the lottery draws the divination must be a person who has a deep research on history and can integrate the Chinese culture to unblock the lottery, in order to accurately grasp the prediction result.

"Sign culture" has a history of thousands of years. The lottery is a folk custom in China and one of the forms of divination. Most of the Taoist temples, temples and folk temples today are equipped with sign holders for people to pick up and ask for. The lottery, like gossip, is a popular prediction method used by ancient Chinese folks to judge the pros and cons of questions. The basis for judging the good and bad is the number of signed poems and allusions to the poems. The lottery draws a strong mysterious color, and each signed poem is an allusion, and these poems and allusions were created by ancient literati.

Lottery fortune telling steps:

1. Be attentive when drawing lots, whether sitting or standing, be correct, and then meditate on what you want to think about. Only after full attention can the draw be more effective!

2. Silently commemorate your birth year, birth month, birth date, birth time, name, where you live now, and report the above information to the gods to express your sincerity and more accurately draw out the magical signature;

3. Click on each lottery button or lottery picture, and follow the prompts for lottery. Generally, you need to click several times in a row to get results. You must be pious and patient;

4. Guanyin Ling, Yue Lao Ling, Mazu Ling and Lu Zuling, etc. If you throw a smile cup, you need to redraw the lot with meditation and piety until the result is drawn.