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What does Chongqing draw a lottery mean, what does it mean to dream a lottery, is it good to dream a lottery? Many people have doubts about this aspect of the dream, lottery and dreams have specially organized the relevant content of the dream lottery, and interpreted the dream for you!

Dreaming of drawing lots is an expression of inner worries and choices to be made.

I dreamed that I would draw lots, expressing my inner panic and being full of worries and fears about what is about to happen. I may not be able to make choices on many major issues such as marriage, employment, schooling, and investment. I must first adjust my mindset and make more preparations.

Men dream of drawing lots, foretelling that they may face major life choices.

The woman dreamed of drawing her lot, expressing her worries about her marriage and family life.

The husband dreams of the wife ’s lottery. Perhaps the wife ’s recent emotional anxiety, or her physical weakness and illness, she should take the initiative to care about the wife and help the wife resolve the anxiety.

Dreaming about drawing lots from friends, implying that you do n’t expect too much from your friends, or reminding you that you might be undermined by your opponent.

I dreamed that the enemy would draw lots, a good thing, indicating that the difficulties will pass.

The woman dreams of playing a lottery game, and soon a child will leave her.

The patient dreamed that playing a lottery game would make her condition worse.