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Four-post prediction

Four-post prediction

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Four-post prediction is a technique that predicts the success or failure of life through the birth year, month, day, and time of a person, combined with the heavenly stems and earthly branches. "Human Biological Rhythm" shows that the birth time of people expressed with stem and branch symbols is not a simple concept of time, but belongs to the natural environment of qi and blood that constitutes the human body. instinct. Four-pillar forecasting not only has the unique and magical function of advanced prediction and advanced reflection, but also has extremely profound scientific theories and extremely valuable use value. With its powerful vitality and scientific spread, it has been valued by many scholars at home and abroad. The essence of the four-post prediction is based on the principle of yin and yang changes, the principle of restraint of the five elements, and the prediction of destiny based on the time of human birth. It is a discipline that teaches people to avoid evil.

In traditional Chinese folk culture, each person's birth time, place of birth, and birth environment form a specific universe information field, which can be abbreviated as four-column or eight-character. There are four columns in the year, month, and day, and one column per column according to the dry branch age method, which is a total of eight characters. The eight characters can be converted into five elements of "gold, water, wood, fire, and earth", which are mutually reinforcing. The five elements represent the five elements and serve as the basis for all things in the universe and the changes in various natural phenomena. It is called "Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Air" in Buddhism. Everyone is unique. Born at a specific time and in a specific environment. Many things in the world can be changed through acquired efforts, such as knowledge, career, wealth, love, etc., but the characters of birth are fixed and cannot be changed Unless reborn again. Therefore, understanding the secrets contained in the eight characters of your own birth has important reference significance for everyone.