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Predictive studies

Predictive studies

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Predicting the number of characters in academics: The eight characters of birth, or eight characters for short, refer to the date of a person ’s calendar at the time of birth; there are a total of four pillars, two characters per column, for a total of eight characters. The birth date occupies an important position in Chinese folk beliefs. Based on this, ancient Chinese Taoism and Astrology calculated the fate of people. The eight-character predictive technique is constantly developing in practice, from Li Xuzhong's three pillars, to Xu Ziping's four pillars, to the four-post solar law and moon law taught by the human biological rhythm, each step of the progress contains scholars and society of all generations. The hard work of the practitioners.

The next condition for judging academic success or failure is to analyze it together with Universiade and fleeting years.

① In addition to the official and imprints of the fate, plus some related lucky stars, it also depends on the fate and fleeting of the fate of 18 to 21 years old. If the official is helpful, the chance of going to university is high. If the years of luck in recent years are taboos and the Indian official in the mission is damaged, it will inevitably be detrimental to further education. Because the age of 18 to 21 years is the time of college entrance examination.

②Looking at the Nianzhu, the Nianzhu governs the journey between 1 and 16 years old. If the Nianzhu is damaged by air crash and there is no rescuer, it means that the basic conditions for reading before the age of 16 are not good, resulting in academic waste.

③Looking at Yuezhu, Yuezhu governs the 17-32 year-old luck. These 16 years are a good time for the college entrance examination and academic progress. If Yuezhu breaks down in the air, and there are no vacancies or fillers, it will inevitably be unfavorable for further studies.

④The second column of the year and the month, especially the moon column are not empty, and there is no other damage. In the years before and after the entrance examination, the Universiade and the fleeting years are beneficial to life, that is to say, there are both the life of reading and the life of reading. The conditions for further studies are fully prepared, and it is a good time to go to colleges and get a diploma.

③If you have a lot of health and wealth, and have overlapping food injuries, it is not good for the exam to continue your luck for years.

The eight-character prediction can tell which years are good for exams and which are bad for exams. Unfavorable years should be told how to treat, so that it is beneficial to the individual or the country.