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Free fortune telling

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The four-column eight-character for free fortune-telling, that is, the eight-character of birth, also known as "Zi Pingshu", whose main concept is fate (or fate), is a method used to speculate on the fate of man. The eight characters of Tiangandizhi detected from the calendar, and the year, month, day, and hour of a person's birth are represented by the Tianditianzhi, which together are eight characters.

The eight-character is also known as pushing the four pillars or approving the eight-character. She is dominated by the heavens and the earth represented by the time when a person is born. It is based on the "I Ching" as a theoretical basis and the means of restraint of the five elements of Yin and Yang. The science of predicting the good and bad fortune of human life is a doctrine of philosophy and natural science intermingled with each other. It is an important category of Zhou Yi's predictive science. For thousands of years, through people's continuous development and improvement, a relatively complete theoretical system has been formed, and it has been deeply rooted in people's hearts, enduring and showing strong vitality.

Numerology derives from the theory of the five elements of Yin and Yang. In ancient times, people faced a lot of confusion and unpredictable future, trying to find a way to grasp their own destiny. This is a natural thing, so there is a hotbed of numerology. Before the Han dynasty, people only used the five-element nayin for fortune-telling. The nayin was the year of life. For example, people born in Jiazi year and Biehou year were golden lives, while people born in Bingyin and Dingmao years were fire lives. This is a thick-line fortune-telling method, the budding state of numerology.

Anyone who sees life is divided into heaven and earth, male life is dry, and female life is kun. Mixed, four-column arrangement, write the great luck, don't forget the little luck, the old lord and the lord, the five elements of the prosperity and weakness, the daily wealth and wealth, the daily decline and happiness, the vigorous and happy, the wicked god, the deceased Yifu, the living is true, the divine discernment is used, the moon is expensive, the time column is second, regardless of the five elements, the four columns are distinguished, and the criminals are not forgotten. It is useful and useless to see the pattern, and the pattern is unclear. Select the god and analyze the five elements to be in prison for four hours. Certainly, there will be a blue dragon, a garrison in the east, a white tiger in the west, a prosperity in the west, a Suzaku in the south, a Bingdingwang palace, a Xuanwu rengui , To be ordered to Kanbei, Chen Shuhou, Ushiwon is not finalized, ten people are familiar, each has four signals, and the distribution of six relatives, niangan is the father, niangan is the mother, yuegan brothers and sisters, Zhizhongrigan is Yes, the Japanese branch is the wife, the female life is different, the Japanese branch is the star, the female is the stem, the female is the branch, the parent is Shou Yuan, the four columns are first seen, partial wealth Father sickness, how strong shoulder to shoulder, father to death, being printed for the mother.