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Fortune telling

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Fortune-telling in Chongqing, let you know clearly your marriage, wealth, career, health, etc. in your destiny, and it will also allow you to be prepared according to the destiny of your destiny in the path of life, so that you can "advance with the times, "Retreat from time to time", so as to avoid evil, grasp your own future, reduce unnecessary losses, and let your wealth, marriage, and career achieve what you really want. The so-called confidant knows one's battles and wins one's battle, knowing one's destiny and changing one's luck before one can travel long. Everything is inseparable from birth, living, alienation, and extinction. This is a phenomenon in the universe, and it is also the same in numerology. To start and stop, what is the start and end, such as Geng Wu Nian, when did Geng Qi start, When will it stop and then continue, when will it end? Taking the Gengwu year as an example, the Gengwu year began to brew from the Gengwu month of the previous year, until the Gengchen month of the Gengwu year was most prominent, and it stopped until the Bingxu and Dinghai months, and the Gengyin month of Xin Weinian Termination, in case it does not terminate, it will be terminated by Bingshen and Ding Youyue. Taking Gengwu Nian as an example, the gas he covers has three years before and after, so sometimes, when counting the years, I think what will happen in the second year, But it happened early in the first year or delayed until the third year, and this principle of starting and ending can be used in lawsuits or emotional judgments.

There are two kinds of people in the world whose lives can't be calculated. One is a person of great goodness, and the other is a person of bad behavior.

Although those who accumulate virtue and do good deeds, they can fill in the deficiencies of innate fortune by correcting themselves, accumulating merits, and doing charitable giving, and they are not confined to the five elements of Yin and Yang. Heaven has the virtue of a good life, and those who do bad things go against the sky, so there are not many people who are destroyed by the sky. The so-called sky net is restored and not leaked, which is probably the case. Those who do good walk along the way of heaven, while those who do bad do backwards. Therefore, those who do good are asking for blessings, and those who are doing bad are asking for blessings, but heaven is nothing.