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Critique of Destiny

Critique of Destiny

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"Ba Zi Destiny Criticism" is a traditional numerology that integrates the theories of the calendar, the five elements of yin and yang, and the evil spirits. It can predict the good and bad fortune and the future development of human beings. To understand your own destiny. If "Ba Zi Jing Cui" can help you eliminate disasters and avoid evil, then "Good Luck Guide" is a key to open the door of opportunity, telling you where to be lucky Nobles, help you seize the opportunity in a highly competitive society and defeat the enemy. For those who are climbing hard on their posts, these key tips are undoubtedly unavailable and unavailable. In work and career On the way, what is needed is reason and bravery. On the way to the pursuit of happiness, a smart woman always knows how to overcome toughness. On the one hand, you must ask yourself, what kind of man is suitable for me? What kind of man can tame me uninhibited What about your heart? On the other hand, when you look at someone, you need to know each other and understand what kind of good lover you want to be in order to capture his heart. These two The key question, you will find the answer in "Perfect Man" and "Charming Woman".

Critical Destiny can describe the law of people's fate, just like Newton's Law can predict that Apple will fall to the ground because of gravity, rather than any ghosts let it fall! Just like the meteorological bureau can predict the weather according to the meteorological laws, Bazi can also predict the fate of people and reveal some fate phenomena. There are many factors that affect people's destiny. In addition to the innate horoscope, there are also factors such as feng shui, social environment, era background, human subjective consciousness, and so on. Therefore, people with the same four pillars and eight characters have different feng shui, social environment, era background, and subjective consciousness, and different fate. Estimating the four-posted and eight-character is only a congenital fixed number of factors that affect the destiny of people. From this fixed number, it can reflect the main line of the fate of life. This is only the main line of the fate of fate, not all of fate. All people, no matter whether they are born or not, need to work hard. As the saying goes: Three minutes is destined, seven points is determined by hard work. Knowing one's destiny and using one's destiny to win one's life. It ’s like a weather forecast. Knowing that it ’s raining, you can only make it easier if you prepare an umbrella in advance.