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Prison officer

Prison officer

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In a person ’s life, is it possible to commit a crime, or is there a prison officer? In fact, these are two concepts, there is criminal behavior and there must be a prison disaster, such as some unbreakable cases, someone must have committed a crime, but the crime People are not punished. There are also some people who have not committed crimes but have been imprisoned because of some special problems. Just like the case of She Xianglin some time ago, it was an unjust and false case. After 11 years in prison, because his wife came back suddenly, iron facts verified an unjust case and he was released from prison. But in most cases, if you commit a crime, you will be punished by the law, which is related to a certain extent. There are also dramatic criminals. After committing crimes, after many years of incognito incognito, they thought they were all right, and they were caught by chance. It is the so-called restoration of the legal net, which is sparse but not leaking. For example, a criminal who appeared some time ago became an actor in some popular dramas and was recognized by others. Some of them fell into law because he was recognized on a TV blind date program. But under normal circumstances, it is crime and prison disaster that are linked together. So, in a numerology, is there a prison disaster, or what period of time there will be crimes and prison disasters, can it be predicted? In fact, some information is revealed in numerology. According to a friend in a public case, many prisoners were not unforgivable, but were impulsive and lost their minds, causing a disaster. If you can see the information in this aspect from its eight characters, point out and then persuade, and dissolve the information in this area, it will not lose the meaning of numerology prediction.

Illegal crimes, of course, cannot be tolerated by society. Some people, most of the crimes are related to personality. In terms of the eight characters, the four evil stars in the ordinary characters are vigorous and cannot be used; or they are not controlled; or those who directly restrain the gods, most of them will support the evil luck of the four evil stars, causing official disaster and punishment. People with the following situations should stick to the right path, restrain impulsiveness, and avoid disasters:

1. There are celestial nets in the horoscopes, and people with bad combination of life style; chen in the horoscopes are celestial nets, and 戌 is the earth net. Viewed by the year and day pillar nayin, the people of the fire life see the shovel and the sea as the Tian Luo in the four pillars; the water and earth people see the Chen and the four nets as the ground net. The same is true for Sui Yunyu. Tian Luo Di Wang represents criminal law. The combination of life style is not good, that is, the word Tian Luo Di Wang is a bogey, or unruly. The Lord can not respect the law and discipline, and is inevitably subject to legal sanctions and suffering from prison.

2. Wounded officials in the eight-character, there is no control, or you can directly restrain the official star; Wounded officials in the eight-character, bold, rebellious, do not put officials in the eyes, greed for money, easy to achieve the purpose through illegal means. Hidden dangers of official disasters are most likely caused by the Grand Canal, which robbed Suiyun and suffered injuries. Because the Japanese are more daring than robbing their luck, because they are strong and prosperous, they can resist officials; at the same time, they have more food and injuries than robbing their lives, so they have more official disasters. Food injury year-end luck, more officials and anti-government spirit, more prone to provoke official wrong, or accidents, so need to pay attention.