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Health prediction Physical health is our greatest asset. If you do n’t have a healthy body to enjoy it, it ’s also in vain, so now everyone is very concerned about physical health, and pays attention to maintenance and exercise. These are all things that can guarantee our body. A good method of health, and it is simple and easy to do, without spending too much money. Our health is not only related to our living habits, but the birth date also has a great impact on our health. People with five elements lack of fire, the diseases that are prone to occur are blood, heart and teeth, and are often accompanied by abdominal discomfort. Health is convenient. It is recommended to pay attention to regular physical examination to exclude cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and then more vegetables and fruits to condition the body Healthy, clear the garbage in the body, and eat more red food at the same time, because red food can nourish the blood and nourish the blood, so that the people who lack fire in the five elements look rosy. People with water shortages in the five elements are prone to diseases of the urinary system. Women generally show gynecological diseases such as vaginitis. Menstrual problems are also more common. The waist is always prone to soreness. Men mainly show kidneys and bladders that are prone to pathological changes. Eat black food, because black food is not deep, it can also promote metabolism and ensure the normal function of the bladder.

There are many longevity villages in China, and there are still many longevity old people living. Some of them in their 90s are still deaf and clear-spoken. They speak clearly and take care of themselves. The secret of their longevity is not only related to their self-disciplined living habits. , Can be treated with ordinary heart, and it is inseparable from its fortune-telling numerology and life-long cultivation of good fortune, so what are the common human characteristics of long-lived people?

One, five-element balanced person Each character corresponds to a different five-element magnetic field. The five-element organs of Jinmu's water, fire, and earth correspond to human beings. When the five-element is weak or too prosperous, its own five-element balance ability becomes poor and its carrying capacity becomes weak. For a person with a balance of five elements, he has a strong carrying capacity, full of yang, he can control evil with yang, and heal, he can digest some minor problems on his own, and he is rarely tortured by drugs throughout his life.

2. Wealth is prosperous and wealth is weak. As a body, I am a fine element; fortune is a god. The body is short of wealth or lacks wealth, and the spirit is not guaranteed. If there is a God of Food in the eighth character who gives up his wealth and is in good health, most of his thoughts are optimistic and open-minded, and he can be calm when he is frustrated. He must be a healthy and long-lived person.

3. The landlords in the eight-character of the earth and the fortunes have their ups and downs in their lifetime. If the territories in the eight characters are punished, punished, and harmed, the fortune-teller will have a lot of ups and downs in his life, such as leaving his parents in his early years, middle-aged marriage or career and failure, etc., will bring a big blow. , Leading to emotional instability, heart disease, especially unhealthy. On the contrary, those who have the same ground support have a stable luck, less disputes, can live peacefully, and naturally live longer.