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Marriage prediction

Marriage prediction

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Marriage and marriage is a major event in life. Although men and women are equal in modern society, marriage is far less important to women than the only major event in life in ancient times, and it is still the most important thing in life. Some girls want to marry farther, some girls want to marry closer, some people want to get married early to complete this important event in life, while some people want to get married later to make time for more work. In short, marrying distance and marriage sooner or later is a matter of great concern to people of the right age, so how to look at marrying distance and marriage sooner or later?

To judge the distance and timing of marriage and marriage, we can use the four-post predictive theory of Chinese inheritance culture to predict the reference. It means that the year, month, day, and time are two characters each, so it is also called the eight-character.

In the eight-character numerology, the seven kills are also called partial officials. It is a professional term that represents the same-sex five elements of Kerizhu ’s main body, and is extended to pressure, power, destructive power, power, violence, etc. For the female fate, the seven-killed star is an unstable, non-specific heterosexual relationship, which can represent a lover outside marriage or an intimate husband. Generally speaking, the majority of marriages where women hit seven kills are not satisfactory, but they are not absolute. You also need to look at the configuration of the other five elements and whether there is a system. This is very important.

The ancients said that killing India is very expensive. He also said that there is no killing without printing, and there is no killing with printing. Not only is it conducive to the vigorous development of the career, but also the master's own knowledge and fame can be reflected, full of legend. This shows the importance of Zhengyin to the introduction of the Seven Kills. Emotionally, the seven kills are the pressure, and the love that bears the pressure will not easily be happy, and it often needs to be tempered first, so that there is an epiphany and good luck. Female destiny, even though the desire for love is quite strong, but the mentality is not balanced. Perhaps the natural consciousness of worry is strong. The emotional treatment also shows vigilance and sensitivity. In the face of challenges, fear of betrayal and injury, each love is special. Fix your heart and have an extra heart to love others. Seven Kills cares about the outcome of winning and losing, but it doesn't pay off. Loving someone is quite a person, and you are tired of loving yourself, and others are also tired. Therefore, a relationship is repeatedly turbulent, scattered like a dream, come and go is dramatic, it is easy to make the years tired of waiting.