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Fortune Forecast

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    The conventional method of forecasting fortune is to look at the Fortune Star, which is the five elements of the daily rig. For example, the fate of the birth of Geng Xin Jin Ri, Jia Yi Mu is the fortune star. The other days of dryness can be deduced by analogy: A and B are born, Ping Ji soil is wealth; Bing Ding is born, Gengxin gold is wealth; Ping Ji is born, Nenggui water is wealth; Nenggui is born, Bingding fire is wealth. There are wealth stars in the character, and it is strong and powerful, which means that there is no shortage of opportunities for making money in a lifetime, and there is also the potential for making money. But whether it can make a fortune depends on the configuration of other star gods. Fortune-telling in Bazi is like a golden mountain. Whether you can make a fortune depends on whether you have the right tools to dig out gold nuggets, and whether you have enough ability to keep your money. Commonly used tools are "Indian Star", "Bijie", "Official Star", "Food Injury" and so on. Respectively represent knowledge, physical fitness, team, organizational management, service, skills, creativity, etc.

Fortune predicts that fortune is a bogey, it is best not to choose business such as doing business; it is inevitable, but also choose your favorite industry to supplement, otherwise the road of seeking wealth will still be difficult. Fortune is for use, naturally you can do business. For careers, industries and occupations that seek wealth, naturally you have to choose your own five elements such as food injury and fortune, which is naturally more smooth; For those who use God of Wealth to refrain from restraint, they first need to choose industries and occupations that engage in the five elements of official killing.

Predicting Fortune-Reference to Broken Hexagram

Cai Yao: Cai Yao should be prosperous in the hexagram, or move into the gods and turn into the first generation. Wealth is born in the world, and we hold on to the world, which means that money comes to me, and it is easy to get money. In the hexagram, Cai Yao does not go to the hexagram, and the descendants Yao Yao do not go to the hexagram. It is not a good sign if the money is moved and the official ghost or brother is moved, and it is not appropriate to ask for money. Brother Yao: As the bogey god of wealth, the most suitable for wealth is the brothers who are empty, broken, suspended, or mobilized. Brothers hold the world, the most unfavorable for seeking wealth, like a bamboo basket to draw water. But if the children and grandchildren are launched without injury, the brothers will become more entrenched in their greed and forget the riches if they are launched. Guan Gui Yao: Guan Gui Yao holds the world, Cai Yao will be born in the future, seeking money easy to get. If the world is empty, it is not beautiful, and it is an expression of concern, and it is not enough to see money. If you change your wealth, you will be lucky. Guan Gui Yao does not hold the world, in order to hinder the pursuit of wealth, if Wu Yao launches for the official ghost, it is more thrilling on the way, it is not suitable to go out, Lin Baihu has a storm, Lin Xuanwu is robbed. Children and grandchildren: For the primordial god of wealth, if the children and grandchildren move, and make money and make money, it is a source of wealth, like a source of water, endless and rolling. If it is next to Qinglong, it is also the way to make money. Parents Yao: Parents Yao is a jealous of wealth Yao, parents should not be prosperous. But if the parents hold the world and change their wealth, the master occupants will work hard and earn money.