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The main concept of the eight-character career forecast is the fate. First, the eight characters of the stem and branch are calculated based on a person's birth date, and they are matched with the five elements of yin and yang, so that the heaven and earth branch have the attributes of the five elements of yin and yang, and have the relationship of mutualism and mutual restraint. And derived a variety of relationships such as punishment, punishment, harm, cooperation. Sangke relationship is also known as Zhengyin, partial printing, wounded official, food god, regular official, partial official, regular wealth, partial wealth, ten kinds of comparison and robbery, collectively known as the "ten gods" eight-character fortune-telling originated in the Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties early Song Dynasty In order to commemorate Xu Ziping, Xu Ziping's "Yuanhai Ziping" has been greatly developed. He also called the eight-character fortune-telling as Ziping. Eight-character fortune-telling is the most widely used in Chinese folk and has become one of the most important methods for predicting the innate destiny of individuals.

In life, we are struggling hard for our own career, and we are thinking about how to achieve a successful career. At least in life, each of us is working hard every day, working hard, and striving to become the upper class of this society. People, but in fact, how the development of the business is already doomed in our life. It is a business that our numerology has already arranged. It can be seen from our horoscopes. So what are the methods for the birth horoscope to test the career path?

1. Official killing star on behalf of career

The official kills the star, as the name suggests, the official is the official, and the killing is the partial, also called the seven kills. The source of the official killing and the relationship with the Japanese Lord are restrained, and the Japanese are restrained. The official is the "manager", and the official is the altruistic star. Fair and objective, with a sense of responsibility, social ethics, ambition and self-denial. When it is a bogey in life, it shows timidity, frustration, stress, chronic diseases, luck in work, and vulnerability to people.

Second, look at the ten gods in the eight characters

Jishen: The four lucky gods of wealth, government, India, and food belong to the sensible star, and they are biased towards the achievements of the public, and virtue is better than talent. Most of them represent love, dedication, and kindness. Fierce God: The four fierce gods of kill, owl, robbery, and injury belong to the emotional star. They prefer personal achievements to virtue. They are more representative of talent, pragmatism, autocracy, and power. Seeing the direction and path of career development through Shishen, as well as the means of pursuing career, etc., you can also see the personality characteristics of individuals, etc., this also has a great impact on career development.

Three, eight character year column and month and time column

The Lord of the Sun represents the Lord of the Lord, and he will move every rush. Years and months of Fengchong are naturally young people away from home. The four pillars are in conflict, and the Lord and the people around him are difficult to get along with, and they will inevitably go out to the world. Long-term hard work can not only accumulate fighting experience and entrepreneurial ability, but also find a suitable position and direction for development. The possibility of success is not small. So the entrepreneurial ability of these people should not be small.