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There is another legend in the folk, Chongqing palmistry can see the fate of a person's life. The man's left hand severed the "hands symbol", which means that he would be a "general general"; the man's right hand severed the hand "hands on the treasury", which means that he would become "the god of management."

Generally speaking, people with broken palm prints are more proactive and easier to succeed. The disadvantage is that they are short-tempered and easy to make mistakes. If both hands have broken palmprints, it means that although this person has a strong personality, he will be more able to balance; it should be that the emotional line and the wisdom line are combined, the man has a severe palm, and the woman has a palm. Daquan in the left palm and Treasury in the right palm. From one end of the palm to the other end, a straight line traverses and becomes a true broken palm. Broken palm characteristics: Therefore, people with true "broken palm" mostly have the following personality traits:

①Person who is nearly stubborn in personality.

②The sense of responsibility is very strong. No matter how big the difficulty is in the beginning, it will not leave that thing behind. It will always clenched its teeth to finish it.

③ Very capable of power, most leaders have broken palm prints

④ I like to operate independently, and do things by myself, regardless of the size of things. I don't like others to intervene, and it's not easy to listen to others' opinions.

⑤Pay great attention to love, especially love and opposite sex, will do everything in their power to win the favor of each other.

A man with this palm and a relatively small hand, has a strong personality, and has a strong sense of good and evil. It is the male who broke his palm with his left hand and his right hand with his palm. In fact, the fate of the person who really broke his palm should be very good, indicating that this person The brain is quite good and very decisive. However, some people are too emotional! Broken palms are also called dragon patterns. It is best to have a dragon head with high tails! The people who cut palms are usually people who do not see the coffin and do not cry. Misleading will become the main character of the underworld. If you take the right path, you will be a big entrepreneur; people who can't suppress the severed palm, because the severed palm is more restrained, especially the hands. There will be great development in a proper career. Thinking clearly. The fate of the palm is uncertain. His temper was stiff and he didn't die until he reached the Yellow River. Knowing that there is a pit in front of you, you have to jump forward. If you know that you are wrong, you must go wrong. This is the biggest personality of the person who breaks the palm. It should also be combined with other faces and characters. Not everyone who breaks his palm has the same fate and personality. 1 out of 10 people has a broken palm.