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    The palmist face in Chongqing is a folk doctrine that judges the fate by looking at facial features. It is a branch of the theory of the five elements system of classical philosophy. The qi and yin of the five elements produce everything in the world, and the human beings end up in the heavens have the appearance of the body. All the external body features contain different destiny information, so the ancients believed that as long as the law is grasped, the information revealed from the facial features Calculate the prosperity of the rich and the poor and the change of fate.

Palmistry to see people's healthy birthday

Lifeline-that is, the pattern of life. From the palm of the middle of the thumb and index finger to the line of the palm. The length of life marks does not mean the length of life, but the strength of vitality, so life marks should actually be called vitality lines.

Life lines are long, deep, and ruddy, with strong vitality, strong resistance to disease, and not easy to get sick; on the contrary, if the lines are light and weak, they are weaker.

Thick lines are suitable for labor or sports; thin lines are suitable for brain use.

The palm hill surrounded by the vital signs has a large range, and it is also energetic and has a strong desire for love; the small range is weak and easily tired.

If there is a chain-shaped pattern at the beginning (by the palm) of the life pattern, it is weak and sick in childhood.

The ends of life patterns are like tassels, to prevent geriatric disease.

The island pattern on the life pattern represents the illness or hospitalization at a certain time, and the size of the island pattern represents the severity and duration of the disease.

Face to face for life

Ming Palace is also known as Yintang: it affects a person's basic fortune, depending on the recent luck. The location of the life palace is between the double eyebrows, above the mountain roots, and the location of Yintang is where the master switch of fate lies. Judging from the width, color and color of Yintang, one can see whether one's luck is good or bad. If the palace of life is as bright as a mirror, it will be more successful in life. If it falls and is not flat, it will be narrowed by the brows, or it will form wrinkles due to the habit of frowning, or leave scars due to injuries, which will affect fate Ups and downs, and negative encounters occur.

Good luck, this part is shiny and ruddy. When bad luck, Yintang is obscure and tarnished. Yintang is low and narrow, or there are scars and black moles, which is unlucky. Therefore, the changes in the Ming Palace can infer the general fortune of people, including wealth and peach blossom.

Brothers Palace: The eyebrows are the brothers palace, and they are related to brothers, sisters, parents, relatives and friends. There are also numerology that the Palace of Brothers should include the dragon and tiger horns and the frontal angle. The Brothers Palace is associated with hormone secretion. Above the brow is the dating site, which symbolizes the profit and loss of dating, so it is not advisable to have bad lines and scars. If the Brothers Palace is disconnected from the middle, the main brotherhood will be scattered; the Brothers Palace is dense, the main brothers are kind and kind: there are several brothers with eyebrows above the corners of the eyes; the eyebrows are beautiful and clear, and the branches are naturally straight, as if the crescent moon is strong, Smart and smart; eyebrows are thick and short, there will be gaps between brothers; eyebrows are yellow and scarce, troublesome and troublesome; eyebrows such as curling or reversal, brothers are unlikely to have a big deal.