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Face Interpretation

Face Interpretation

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Face is a science that judges fate by looking at a person's "facial features". "The relationship is born from the heart." This sentence mainly means that a person's personality, mind, and good and evil can be seen from his face. A person's appearance is auspicious. A person with a good personality usually has a good-looking appearance; a person with a malicious heart usually has a more vicious appearance.

In the interpretation of the face, the forehead is in charge of a person's career and official luck, early luck, ancestor's fortune, his own wisdom and marriage, and the fortune of the main luck of 35 to 40 years old. The forehead is the noble phase, the forehead is rounded to the rich, the forehead is pig-like, and it is also the noble phase. On the contrary, people with unbalanced foreheads and business differences will fail in business, and their careers will be difficult to achieve in life. People with untidy brows and jagged hairs will endure setbacks throughout their lives. Biancheng, also known as Biandi, is located above the left and right foreheads and beside the hairline. Because it is on the edge of the face, it is called Biancheng. This part of the main frontier county is also the master of the master's journey. The meat is auspicious and the bones of the frontier city rise up, and the Lord has the right to reign; the frontier city and the stage horses, mountains, and suburbs underneath are all located in the land of the sun, which is the palace of migration. Black is not suitable for traveling, raised or sunken, and bad luck. Those with black moles and evil colors will die.

Position of Guanlu Palace: Generally speaking, Guanlu Palace refers to the location in the middle of the forehead, that is, the position above the heavenly court above the Yintang. Guanlu Palace is regarded as a change in a person's fortune in work, study, workplace, and officialdom. If Guanlu Palace has an excellent appearance, it means that people can achieve good results in work. The good Guanlu Palace should show a full, open and smooth appearance, so that it can symbolize that the Lord has a good career. There should be no moles in Guanlu Palace: just like Yintang, it is not impossible to grow any moles above Guanlu Palace. No matter how the appearance of the mole represents the meaning is good or bad, once it appears in the official palace, it may affect the personal career. According to Xiangxue, the presence of moles in Guanlu Palace means that their people are proud and arrogant, and it is easy to offend the villain at work, that is, there is no good workplace relationships and the work progress is blocked. Such people need to learn to maintain a humble attitude at work, away from interpersonal disputes and focus on work.