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Maiko's appearance is mainly about seeing alternatives, and those who are evil are afraid of how thin and harmful they are. However, the exposed person is unintentional and must be examined in detail. Ask if your eyes are on your eyes, and those who have eyes are godless and expensive and live long. Ask the rich in the nose, the nose is native to gold, thick and rich must be rich. Asking for longevity in God. There is a lack of God in the art, and those who live long and are noble, are rich even if they are expensive.


The bone joints should be like gold stones, rising up instead of horizontal, round and not thick; thin people don't show bones, fat people don't show meat; bones and meat depend on each other, qi and blood should match, people whose bones are cold and shrink, don't Poverty died at an early age. On the left side of the sun horn, on the right side of the moon horn, there is an upright bone called the bone of Jincheng, who takes his place to the emperor, and the bone in Yintang is called Tianzhu bone, and the bone is from the heaven. In the end, it is called the rhinoceros, and it has the position of three males. It has bones on the face, and the cheekbones are the protrusions. It controls the power. The part where the cheekbones and ears are connected is called the jade beam. It controls the life span from the arm to the elbow. It is called the dragon bone, which symbolizes the king, and it is better to be long. From the elbow to the wrist, it is called the tiger bone, which symbolizes the courtier. It is better to be short and thin. The bones should be raised and stretched, so it is hard and upright, but the joint is straight but not thick They are all firm-looking, cheekbones up to the temples, called stage horse bones, the bones on the left eye are called the horn bones, the bones on the right eye are called the horn bones, the bones on the ears are called the general bones, and the bones of the sulfur yen are called Dragon horn bone, the bone outside the two grooves is called Chenao .


Meat can produce blood and hide bones. This phenomenon is like the earth produces everything. Meat should be full but not superfluous, or slim but not too thin. If it is more, it will be more yin than yang; if it is insufficient, it will be more yang than yin. The yin and yang are alternately flourishing, which is one of the appearances. The meat is hard and full, upright and rises as well. If the meat is born inside the bone, it is called yang deficiency, and if the bone is born outside the meat, it is called yin. Therefore, if you are fat, you will be short of breath, and if you are fat, you will be panting. Therefore, you should not have too much meat in your bones, and you should not be short of bones. Otherwise, you will suddenly become obese and wheezing. This is a sign of death. The character is just violent, the lines of the meat should not be slow, the character will be weak and foolish, and the fat should not be exposed to disordered lines. The disordered lines are full of signs of death, and the meat should be fragrant and show a warm color.