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Fortune telling

Fortune telling

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Many people ask the question of fortune telling, and today they have found a relatively simple method of calculation. Everyone can come to the test for reference by the test taker.

Chongqing Bazi fortune-telling fortune- telling method is a prediction method for Yuan Tiangang, the astrological predictor of Tang Dynasty, to predict bone. It is similar to birth fortune-telling fortune-telling and Ziwei bucket number fortune-telling. It is said that bone fortune telling divides fate roughly, but divides fate into fifty-one ... Little story about Yuan Tiangang)

Yuan Tiangang said the bone song detailed explanation

(Two two one)

Begging for life forever.

The short-lived non-karma is a big air, and there are many disasters in life.

The scourge is frequently in adversity, and the hardships of the whole life cannot be achieved.

Annotation: The body is cold and the bones are cold and bitter.

No joy day, life alone.

(Two two two)

This life is laborious and poor for life, every time there is a lot of hardships, the scourges are often in a miserable situation, and lifelong events cannot be accomplished.

Male: Life's hard work. The body is cold and bitter, and this life pushes the beggars.

Female: This life is lonely and cold, this life pushes the way to beg people, worry about their daily lives, and spend a lot of time in childbirth. Note: This life is laborious and life-long. Every time there is a lot of hardships, scourges are frequently encountered in misery, and life-long major events cannot be accomplished.

(Two two three)

Lifelong hardship

This life pushes the flesh and blood, and seeks to do things hard,

Wife, children and brothers are really hard to rely on.

(Two two four)

Life's Fate

This life has brought Fulu to nothing.

The six pro-families have nothing to rely on.

(Two two five)

Six relatives have no trust, self-reliance

This life has pushed the ancestral industry to a small extent, and the degree of the door court seems strange.

Six flesh and bones are like ice charcoal.

(Two two six)

In his life, Yilu is struggling and working alone.

It is advisable to leave the ancestor to go out as early as possible.

Note: This life is strong, hardworking, living in ancestors, has the ability to self-reliance, knows little, and does not do bad things. In the early ages, the middle and small groups developed. In his early years, his family was well-off. He was forty-eight or nine years old. The wife's palace has a gram, the two wives are not sentenced to death, and the four children only die off one by one. Shouyuan is seventy-nine.

Female: Yi Lu seeks hard in her life, and the female is born with sorrow. He has tasted bitterness, and he has no worries in his later years. This life pushes the industry to be clever, clever and kind. The younger Shaogang had no relatives, and his middle age ranged from 36 to 51 years old. He left his hometown and became independent. He was peaceful at the end of the year, but he had all kinds of illnesses. Shou Yuan was sixty-nine years old and died in the scenery.