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Choosing the best for the celebration is choosing the day, also called watching the day. The purpose of choosing auspiciousness is to seek auspiciousness and avoid evil, gain near and far from harm, and get auspicious and safe, which is also human nature or instinct. At the same time, Jiji can also meet people's psychological needs and increase people's confidence and determination. For example, when it comes to project start-up, shop opening, marriage and burial, and travel, it is popular to choose a good day. It is nothing more than hoping to have a happy result. The Jiji custom is a traditional culture with a long history in China, and it has a very wide cultural implication. Choosing to choose auspicious days is basically to find and determine the appropriate time and space points for various activities in the world, which can fully grasp the suitable opportunities caused by the time, geographical conditions, people and the harmonious relationship between them, so as to achieve the best of luck, avoid evil and auspicious. Ruyi's results have been passed down from generation to generation.

Choosing a date is an important part of numerology culture and the foundation of numerology feng shui. Ancient people attach great importance to selecting good days, regardless of weddings and funerals, or installing bed stoves or traveling sacrifices, etc. , New product launches, and groundbreaking ceremonies for real estate projects will still invite professional numerologists to choose a day. Choosing the day is a very deep learning. Choosing the right day and choosing the right one is endless. The power of assisting is endless. Choosing the wrong day. Don't say that there is a good assistant and smart. On the contrary, it will be hurt by fierce grief. Choose a good day and a prosperous day, pursue peace and smooth, auspicious and developed, achieve the effect of doing more with less, and make your career flourishing, wealth and prosperity, prosperity!

Regarding the opening day of the opening ceremony, you should first avoid the days and the three evil days that are in conflict with the life of the master, and then avoid the four consumption days, the four waste days, the four poor days, the four bogey days, the four extinction days, and the four departure days. , Big and Small Red Sand Day, Yellow Sand Day, Yang Gongji Day, Fireworks Day, Year-old Day, Moon Day, Red Pine Tree Fall Day, White Tiger Fierce God Day, Ice Disintegration Day, White Tiger Entering the Palace Day, Nine Ghost Day, Red-billed Suzaku After the fierce day, the month of the moon, and so on, then choose the lucky day, Yitian wish day, folk day, full day, adult day, open day, five rich day, and finally set the opening celebration time.