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Caesarean section

Caesarean section

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Some people say that if you can use caesarean section to choose a good character, wouldn't it be that everyone is rich and has no poor character? This statement is actually one-sided. Although it can be artificially screened, the old saying is good: good Good rewards, bad rewards. There is still a certain number of things, if you often have a numerologist who chooses the cesarean section octave, you will find that sometimes the horoscopes that are really combined in a whole month are actually not a few days, and some months will be more, so here are all involved There is a problem with the degree of people ’s fortune. People with good fortune may meet the horoscopes that are well combined in days, months, and days just before and after the expected date of delivery, and the choice can be smoothly followed according to this day. Out of the baby, and some people do not have a good combination of eight characters around half a month before the expected date of delivery, think about it or not, it can only choose the best among these selectable ranges, some are not good enough Others, even when a good year, month, and day are selected, due to other reasons, such as the hospital is too busy to delay the auspicious time, or wait for a day and ca n’t wait, etc., they will give birth early and wo n’t get a good character. Baby.

Caesarean section Jiji contains the basic state of the celestial body operation of a person at birth. The combination of the yin and yang five elements within the eight characters contains the information of the success and failure of a person's life. Bazi numerology only asks the result and not the process. Whether it is a childbirth or a caesarean section, as long as the child falls to the ground, the birth eight will become a fixed number, which also determines the innate characteristics of the five elements of a person's yin and yang. In other words, the trajectory of life is basically fixed. Destiny is divided into two parts, fate and luck. Fate is the eight-character destiny, centered on the Japanese character, the Japanese character represents the life-lord, and the function relationship between the Japanese character and the other seven characters constitutes the innate eight-character destiny. Fortune, the relationship between the eight-character fortune-telling and the evolving Dayun, Liunian, and Liuyong constitute the fortune, and fate comes from it.

Numerology experts point out that natural childbirth should be promoted. If you can give birth, you must adhere to the birth, but if you find signs of unsuccessful birth during the prenatal inspection, such as incorrect fetal position, the number of umbilical cords around the neck is too tight, etc. In the case of forced cesarean section, you must choose a relatively auspicious date and time within the expected delivery period given by the doctor. This is undoubtedly an important way of eugenics and babies. The baby's innate talent is good for future growth and talent.

Now some concepts of numerology in life are being misunderstood more and more seriously. For example, life will become thinner and thinner. For example, do not publish the eight characters randomly, otherwise it will cause trouble to the upper body. Another example is that as long as a good birth time is selected during the caesarean section, it must be a good character. The fate of the born child will be surprisingly good, even invincible. Some people say that they can choose an unprecedented good character and so on. In the face of various methods, some of them are really crying and laughing. Sometimes this is also the sorrow that numerology has developed for more than two thousand years. Not only can it not be elegant, but more and more the phenomenon of misrepresentation. In fact, although the choice of cesarean section time can be artificial, it is precisely because of this artificial, which adds to its uncertainty. For example, what is the level of this numerology master who chooses the day of caesarean section, can he really have enough level to choose an excellent Jiri Jiji. Or even if you choose a good birth time, but the fetus in your belly ca n’t wait to come to this world in advance and other uncertain situations, ask who can be 100% controlled? So, I do n’t know or choose one A good caesarean section can be omnipotent, which is really not the case.