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1. The opening time of the store is Jiji . The principle of choosing Jiji in Chongqing is to take things as the platform and take God as the eye. That is to say, choosing Jiji is due to things. Day, not according to the day to do things. Shop opening should choose the day of wish, the day of the people, the full day, the day of completion, the day of opening, and the five rich days. Avoid moon breaking, weekdays, collecting days, robbery, disaster shame, moon shame, monthly punishment, moon hate, five tombs, big time, day officials, small consumption, thief, four consumption, four poor, five separation, four waste , Nine empty. Businessmen taboo four because they have the same sound and like six and eight, the so-called six-six Dashun.

2. The location of the store opening is in Feng Shui. Water is money, water is flowing, it is flowing, and the wealth is wide. In the city, the flow of people is water, so when choosing the address of the store, you must choose a place where the flow of people gathers and the transportation is convenient. Shop doors should avoid ominous objects, such as toilets, chimneys, garbage dumps, funeral homes, and hospitals, to create a good visual experience and fresh air environment.

3. The name of the store is a business card for the store. A good name plays a great role in inducing and suggesting. The characters commonly used as shop names are Fu, An, Yuan, Long, Hui, Hao, Guang, Duo, Bao, and Yiji, which is called Shunkou. A really good name is not a patchwork of auspicious words, the key is to echo the characteristics of the store, you need to refer to the store owner ’s birth date, the development direction of the enterprise, the name, mathematics, geographical culture, etc. The store name is a very tedious work.

4. Shop mascots choose jiji We often see mascots in front of the shop, such as stone lions and cows. Red lanterns are often seen during the Chinese New Year. Red couplets and blessings will be posted during the Spring Festival. This is our country. Features. Speaking of blessings, there is also a kind of Wufu Linmen. A circle is carved on the ground directly in front of the store door, and a bat is in the center. The beloved cats, brave pigs, and golden toads are now favored. The golden and plump cats, the animals that make money with one hand, are really cute. Pixiu and Jin Chan are well-recognized treasures with great spirituality. Losing or losing is the most taboo in doing business, so everything that can be associated with it is taboo. If there is any place, the clerk is not allowed to read in the store, because the book is the same as the lose. In some places, taboos are sitting on the counter, taboos are standing on the store sill, taboos are sweeping outside the store, and taboos are urinating towards the store door. They are all worried about rushing into business and afraid of losing money. Gifts to merchants in Hong Kong are taboo to send jasmine and plum blossoms, because jasmine and unfavorably homonymous plums are in unison with the unfortunate luck.