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Birth, sickness, death, marriage, funeral, and marriage are some of the biggest things in ancient life. Even now, as an ordinary person, Chongqing's marriage is still the top priority in life. For the happy marriage of a couple and the auspicious wedding process, people generally choose to celebrate the wedding day. Choosing an auspicious day for marriage becomes an important link before the wedding ceremony.

We believe that as a professional person who chooses auspicious people, in addition to selecting the best date for the newcomer to marry, the following three items must also be informed to the client, so that the wedding can be smooth and safe, and the newlyweds can be sweet and happy.

1. Newcomers can avoid three-phase

Newcomers avoid three-phase, which means that when the wedding is held, because of the relationship between the bride's sub-genitals, it will cause adverse impacts on the three types of people. Especially when the bride gets on the car, gets off the car, and worships heaven and earth, this adverse effect is more serious. Therefore, in the traditional marriage and marriage selection documents, this content will be dedicated to remind people who do weddings, before the wedding, the new couple must be displayed in a prominent position, so that everyone can see clearly To prepare in advance.

The wedding is a happy event. In order for the wedding to proceed smoothly, and for the safety of the participants, the professional lucky people must inform the client of the new couple's three-phase to avoid unnecessary harm. But now many people ignore this point, which is why we should put this content on the first point. If you do n’t see a three-phase notice when you are attending a wedding, for your own luck, you may wish to ask the bride ’s sign and calculate it yourself. Below, we will share with you the law of calculation.

The new couple's rule of three-phase rule is: the bride's phase is positive 1, 5, 9. That is, according to the sign of the bride, the first, fifth, and ninth signs are the signs that are easily injured in the wedding. For example, the three phases of the zodiac horse are sheep, pigs, and rabbits. In order to avoid this adverse effect, as long as you avoid the bride getting on and off the car (car) and worshiping the heavens and earth, after this time period, it does not matter.

2. The best time to worship heaven and earth

Although it is said that many places do not pay much attention to the wedding ceremony in the past, and some weddings even do not pay attention to the world. However, we believe that marriage is a very important event in a person ’s life at all times; the wedding ceremony is not only to inform relatives and friends, the neighborhood acquaintances that you are married, and you will live together in the future; Get married and become a family. Therefore, worship heaven and earth, it should also be an important part of the wedding now, it is irreplaceable. The time when worshiping the heavens and earth must choose the most appropriate time to show caution.