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At the start of a real estate project, Chongqing Zejiri's home has to be renovated. There are many things to be noticed here. From the perspective of Feng Shui, this involves the date study. The day-to-day school is very extensive. In the past, there were "Xiangjitongshu" and "Aotoutongshu" and so on. There are also many martial arts, but many of them are universal.

When we start construction every year, we must first avoid the three-sharp position, that is, the triad bureau will give birth to three directions. For example, this year is the Year of Wushu, Renwuxu, Triad, and Fire Bureau. Then the three directions of its extinction are the three directions of Hai, Zi, and Ugly-northwest corner, north and northeast corner. Then when we started the construction, for example, a real estate was laid as the foundation, the first three areas of the northwest corner, the north or northeast corner of the unmovable land. The construction of the three brakes is unfavorable. In the past, there were some methods of fighting the three brakes. In addition, we must also pay attention to the position of Wuhuang in the new years. Wuhuang is the great evil and the official evil. In the year of Wuxu in 2018, Wuhuangsha is in the north, and this position overlaps, we should pay attention to it. Zhengbei has three evils in this year, and there are five yellows. Both evils are in this position, so the most fierce in the true north is to be avoided. Use caution and try to avoid it.

The day for the construction and decoration of the earth and the earth should be divided according to the price of the Yangzhai block, and choose the Italian party, the four-posted character of the owner and other family members, or the party of mutual benefit. Choose Tiande, Yuede, Tiandehe, Yuedehe, Tianmin Wish, Yue En, Si Xiang, Shi De, San He, Kai Ri. Yijisi, Xingwei, Jiashu, Yihai, Yiyou, Jiyou, Renzi, Yimao, Jiwei, Gengshen Day. Taboo: Yuejian, Tufu, Yuebao, weekdays, closing days, closed days, robbery, robbery, calamity, calamity, monthly punishment, month sickness, big hour, day official, four waste, five tombs, soil Rune, ground bag, and earth king use afterwards. If you choose a funeral day, you must consider whether it is a heavy funeral, a resurrection, etc., and whether it affects the filial son and the dead, because Fengshui pays attention to its anger and the unity of nature and man. Does Yan Nengyin benefit future generations? If the filial son is rushed, it will be more aggressive, and it is possible to see the dead again. Therefore, it is even more inevitable to choose a date for things that involve moving the ground, otherwise it will be possible to be greeted with aggression, and the situation with aggression will be more severe.