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    Chongqing's daily life should choose : take things as the classics and God as the latitude, take God as the eye and take the things as the platform. Among the yellow calendars, the white tiger, heavenly punishment, suzaku, celestial prison, Xuanwu, Gou Chen--the six evil days of the underworld; the green dragon, the heavenly virtue, the jade hall, the sect of life, the Mingtang, and the Golden Chamber of the yellow calendar--the six days of the yellow road. The exclusion day, dangerous day, fixed day, holding day, adult day, and opening day of the almanac are good fortune; the construction day, full day, weekday, broken day, closing day, and closed day of the almanac are evil.

Five things that must be chosen for auspicious days:

1. Moving to a new house Moving to a new house is one of the major events in life. To adapt to a new environment and a new home feng shui, choose an appropriate day when the impact of those unlucky auras can be reduced, allowing the family to integrate into the new home as soon as possible, and Fortunes due to the new residence Feng Shui is a great significance for choosing a day.

2. The timing of the opening of an enterprise, business name, store, etc., has a lot to do with its smooth operation and future financial luck, and it cannot be underestimated. Everything is difficult at the beginning, choose an auspicious day to open, let the business, business, and store open in a peaceful area, which indicates that the future will be smooth and profitable.

3. Funeral I once wrote about the topic of "recession" in my previous article. Because the funeral is related to life and death, it is necessary to choose a day to avoid the evil. Therefore, the day of funeral is more important. If the funeral day is not selected well, it is possible to bring misfortune to the people attending the funeral. "Severe funeral" is the most serious case.

4. The words "moving the earth" and "breaking the earth" are generally unclear. Even the CCTV news often shows the saying that "some construction broke ground", but I do not know that this is a wrong statement. The term "broken soil" is specifically for the construction of a yin house. The exact term for the construction of a yang house is "moving earth", but because people are accustomed to this wrong usage, they are wrong. However, whether it is the construction of general buildings, the construction of residences, office premises, or the construction of new graves, the repair of shady houses, etc., all involve the destruction of the land and the modification of the natural environment. The earth god must have it, so it must not be at random, must choose the day, avoid those days that cannot break the earth.

5. The quality of the wedding day is not only related to whether the happy event can be carried out smoothly, but also related to the health, safety, luck of the family and friends, and even the weather conditions of the day. If the marrying day is not good, it may bring disadvantages to the parties and the people attending the wedding, and may also affect the future marriage feelings of the two people, so you must be cautious.