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Moving house

Moving house

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Moving is a modern people's life will have several changes and changes. Most people believe that migration (moving) will bring different degrees to the parties (or the owner and family), more or less auspicious fortune Nowadays, when people move (move), they always choose auspicious days, choose the auspicious time, and follow the relevant traditional customs and taboos, hoping to have auspicious signs, but also feel at ease.

According to the principle of choosing Japanese school, moving to the house, you must move to choose the house. You must consider factors such as the zodiac of your family (especially the owner), the birthday party (the Japanese pillar), the new house sitting direction, the four kills of the Tiangang and the tribute. Due to the different conditions of each person, it is not possible to flip through the perpetual calendar or write "I should move" in the general book. It is suitable for someone to move that day but not necessarily for you.

Migrating (moving) the four pillars and eight characters of the auspicious time of the day (the day of the auspicious time, the four pillars see the three columns of "yin, noon, 戌" all three characters, and their "return to the tribute" in "ugly", so, ugly (ox) year born Unavailable: "Yin, Wu, Xu", the three-character of "day class auspicious time"; the four columns see the three columns of "巳, unitary, and ugly", whose "return to the tribute" is in "Chen", so, Chen ( (Dragon) Newborns are not allowed to use "Si, You, and Ugly" in the three-character "day class auspicious time"; the four-poster sees the three-poster "Shen, Zi, Chen" in the "Wai", so, Newborns are not allowed to use "Shen, Zi, Chen" in the three-character "day class auspicious time"; the four columns see the three-column "Hai, Mao, Wei" three characters, and their "return to tribute" in the "Xu ", Therefore," Xu, Mao, Wei "is not available for" Xi, Ji, Wei "in" Xi, Mao, Wei ".

Jixing's choice:

Fengshagong, Renxing and Zhixing Jiri are the best. You can find a day with Shagong, Zhixing and Renzhan Samsung when you choose a date. Three auspicious stars can solve the evil star, Pepsi auspicious. Shagong Jade Emperor Luan: On this star, the name is: Qinglong, Tiande Fu entered the house. Any man who made, raised, married, migrated, took office, built a bridge, and buried it. Within three years, The official has a high position, the official has no place, Tian Zhai Jinyi, the rich and prosperous, the Lord has a noble son, a wealthy source, the father is kind and filial, the servants are in line, and the doji, do not care about matters, there are no taboos. Renwei Ziwei Luan driving: On this star, the name is: Taiyin, Jintangfu entered the house, all pretending, marrying, migrating, going to office, entering the house, entering school, opening a shop, burying, if this happens, within one year, the Lord There are noble sons. Within three years, those who have officials are promoted to the ranks, those who have no officials are Pepsi and Jiqing. They are rich in wealth and happy events.