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The name, named after Chongqing , is a symbol of life and a banner of life. Although many people always say that the name is a code name. However, it reflects the ideas of different families. A bad name can affect a person's luck all his life. A good name can not only give others a good first impression, but also climb up in the future. The ancients said: "This is congenitally inadequate, which can change the life, and the name of the person with the best effect. Why is the congenital auspicious person icing on the cake, the first choice is the name of the carrier." Through countless writings and exchanges, people's luck and life are influenced. A good name can affect a lifetime.

According to the name of the eight-character birthday, we must first look at the balance of the five elements according to the four-character four-character column and determine the five-element taboo. Each element in the eight characters corresponds to one of the five elements of "Jin Mu Shui Huo Tu". This "suppression" and "complement" is to make clever use of the principle of the five elements of mutualism (five elements of mutualism: golden water, aquatic wood, wood fire, fire soil, native gold; Water and fire and fire and gold) achieve a balance of five elements. When the five elements are short of water, the name of the property uses water as much as possible. Wuxing soil is too prosperous, and lack of wood, you need to use the name of the wood attribute as much as possible. However, we must also pay attention not to make up too much.

Generally speaking, the number of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil contained in the character of birth, two of the same attribute, is moderate, more than two are "wang", less than two are " "Weak", nothing is lacking. Weaknesses and weaknesses need to be replenished, while too strong and too strong need to be suppressed. By analyzing the baby's eight characters and five elements: gold wood, wood, wood, wood and water (4 wood, 0 fire, 2 soil, 1 gold, 1 water), it can be clearly seen that the five elements are prosperous and lack fire. Therefore, it can be judged that the baby's eight-character likes "fire". It is best to use the five-line attribute as "fire" for the name of the eight-character. The next step is to find the proper name for the eight-character character that matches the number of strokes according to the relationship between mathematics and physical balance, and the attributes meet the five-element taboo. For example: baby's eight-character five-character happy "fire", then the name applicable to the eight-character name should be attributed to fire, such as: Yan, Xuan, Feng, Han, enthalpy, Wei, Yang, Yu, etc. It is important to remind you here that the division of the five elements according to the radicals may not be completely accurate. For example, many words without fire are not fire, such as: Ao, Jing, Neng, Qing, Xian, Plow, Yu, Er wait.