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Naming and naming in Chongqing refers to the use of various methods to assign a name to people or things that is easy to identify and distinguish. The mortals must be named, and the names must be divided into surnames and first names. The name is not only the symbol of the person, but also the difference between the people. As a mark, since ancient times, people have cherished their names very much. Our country ’s surnames and first names have experienced a long evolutionary process before they have developed into the names that people are used to today. As a symbolic surname and first name, although it cannot determine the destiny of a person, it has always carried the message of the times, leaving the brand of family lineage, condensing the deep affection and earnest expectations of parents for children, it plays a role in life Subtle effect. The name is the beginning of family education. It is the name that parents infuse life beliefs with their children's life prospects, which will regulate, function and influence people's life.

The role of the name is not only to fill the defects of fate roughly, but also to play a role in the key nodes of life's fate. As the saying goes, "there is an unpredictable situation in the sky, and there is a blessing in the day and night," and there is also a saying that "a gentleman asks whether a misfortune does not ask for blessing." Lucky fortune, so that we can plan ahead and take precautions; and the name is a very important aspect that we can use to avoid the evil in our destiny. For example, we predict that someone may have a major injury in a certain year, and after finding out the reason from the five elements of the numerology, we can seek the "number and reason" in the name of the lord. ", Form, sound, and meaning" are filled with a tendency to focus, so as to effectively avoid or weaken the major dangers that may appear in the destiny of the Lord from the perspective of the name.

Once the name of a person is determined, all the information of a lifetime is stored, which largely determines the rise and fall of a lifetime. The ancients said: It is better to give a child a lot of money than to teach a child; to teach a child is better to give a good name to a child. Therefore, no matter how you name or change your name, you must be cautious and do not ignore it. In addition to accurately balancing the prosperity and decline of the Ba Zi, there are many things to pay attention to. It can be seen that the name is enough to affect and change the destiny of a person. No matter whether your name is good or not, you should create a good name for the next generation. Fuze is profound!