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Company name change

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    Chongqing is named after the ancients who said: "It is better to teach a child than to teach a child; to teach a child is worse than to give a good name to a child." "If you are not afraid of giving birth to a wrong name, you are afraid of giving a wrong name." It is obvious that the name is important. The name is a comprehensive result of the essence of psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and folklore, and is a symbol of a person's image, quality, and taste. A good name that suits you can give people hints and guidance psychologically, give you confidence and help you succeed. The name follows the person's life and affects the person's life. A good life and good luck, plus a good name, will make you a success, everything goes well. People need a good name, and shops and companies also need a good name; people have a good name and live a safe life; shops have a good name and good weather; companies have a good name and thrive and develop.

Any company is developed with the purpose of prosperous business and rich financial resources, so the name of the company can also be based on Geely's company name, such as: Ji, Sheng, Xing, Xin, Chang. For example: ZTE Corporation. The original meaning of the Chinese character is center and middle. Communicated with the word "loyalty", it means loyalty or dedication. The original meaning of Xing is to rise and rise; it is used as the company's name to mean business is booming, financial resources are booming, and it is flourishing. It is reported that ZTE Corporation has decided to grant a batch of stock options to encourage key employees of ZTE Corporation. yuan. According to the "2017 Stock Option Incentive Plan" formulated internally by ZTE Corporation, ZTE Corporation intends to grant no more than 150 million stock options to the incentive objects. The source of the above-mentioned stocks is ZTE's targeted issuance of company shares to the incentive objects.

Naming skills:

1. The company should try its best to do the toy industry, and don't call it a "doll". Do not modify too much, too much modification will make the name have no connotation, and will also reflect the company's future business expansion.

2. Popular words spreading all over the streets and streets have a long life and are not long, so don't use popular words to name them. Today ’s post-90s are the most consuming young people. Tomorrow they will not be married, but companies must develop. How can a name with a 90 meet the psychology of the post-00s and 10s? So avoid using too popular words Name the company.

3. The name of the company must conform to the characteristics of the industry, and do not contradict itself. For example, if an enterprise produces women's clothing, it must be named according to its own preference from the characteristics and temperament of women. The commonly used names such as "Xing, Tang, Germany, and Hall" are very suitable in the catering industry. But if mechanical companies use these words to name them, it will give people a non-descript feeling.

4. The name of the company should be combined with the fortune-telling of the legal person, which is the most important point of the company's name. Many companies do not consider the combination of the word and the eight-character of the person in charge of the company when they are named. The human factor in the company is the most critical. Otherwise, the name will not play an essential positive role for the company, like run-flat tires, which cannot be strengthened in operation. With the enhancement of people's concept of time, simplicity has become a common aesthetic standard. Too long a company name is inconvenient and will have an impact on future advertising. The short and powerful name power has added a lot of imagination.