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Tianyanwang Fengshui master talks about the characteristics of a woman's face

As long as it is a matter of two people, it is actually very difficult. So generally speaking, if a person develops a relationship with another person, what kind of result will happen, it is not surprising, because the relationship is a matter of two people, they can fit together, but they are not suitable for each other, then There is no way. Qian Santang Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talks about it Let's take a look together. What is the appearance of a woman who has a bad relationship?

Unhappy woman face

Nasal bridge

For a woman, the face of the nasal bridge is negative to all aspects of her own. Chen Yuanwu, a master of Fengyuan Shui, Qianyuantang, for example, said that the financial luck is not smooth and the career is not stable. Of course, such a bridge of the nose can also easily lead to There are also problems with his feelings. Because this uneven nose bone is the key to a person's bad breath, it is normal to have a bad relationship.

Very thin lips

If a woman's lips are thin, her feelings are not smooth. Many times the reason comes from herself. Gan Santang Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talks about her because her lips are too thin, so her attitude towards feelings is naturally also underestimated. Such women are generally difficult to devote themselves to feelings, so in the end, these women actually have many emotional problems. It is difficult to maintain.

A woman with a bad mood looks very pale

A woman with very light eyebrows actually has a feeling of dissatisfaction. Because the eyebrows are light, the feelings of this kind of person will also be relatively weak. It is difficult for Gan Yuantang Fengshui master Chen Sanwu to talk about such a person. It is difficult to have an in-depth feeling for others. After being together for a period of time, they may not feel anymore. Disappointed. So there are many emotional problems.

Have a lot of white eyes

Women with a lot of white eyes are usually dominated by betrayal. Therefore, there are usually two reasons for this kind of woman's emotional problems. The first reason for Qian Yuantang Fengshui master Chen Sanwu to talk about it is that it is unprofitable, so he chose to betray. So choose to betray. Either way, it will cause your feelings to be very difficult.

Unhappy woman face

Moles with tears

Women with tears usually belong to the type who often encounters negative hearted people, or this kind of woman is not accepted by people they like at all. Of course, it is possible that Gan Santang Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talks that although they love each other, The subject had an accident. In short, this kind of woman will often cry for feelings. It can be seen that there are also many emotional problems with this kind of woman.

Qian Santang Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talked about the above-mentioned faces of some women. Generally speaking, if a woman has one of the above-mentioned characteristics, or has several at the same time, then this woman wants to get a smooth relationship. It can be said that it is more difficult.