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Tianyanwang Fengshui Master Talks about Where the Home Feng Shui Gourd Hangs

For the ancients' feng shui, these feng shui often penetrated into all aspects of life, but many people still care about the layout of feng shui, and there is the problem of decoration. Chen Sanwu, a famous Feng Shui master in Chongqing, talks about where to hang the home feng shui gourd to get rich? What are Feng Shui gourds? Let's analyze this gourd ornament for you.

Where are the gourds hanging?

Where is the gourd hanging to get rich

Hang on your wealth

The shape of the gourd is vivid and lovely, giving people a kind of peaceful beauty. It contains huge energy. It is one of the magic tools for making money and treasure. It can be hung on the home or personal wealth. Chongqing Fengshui Master Chen Sanwu generally chooses a suitable position according to himself or his family's five elements, so that the fortune can be permanently accompanied and can bring more good luck.

Hang in the bedroom at home

Generally speaking, gourd is a symbol of Fulu, and it can also mean the meaning of many children and many blessings. It can be placed on the bedside of the bedroom. A healthier body promotes the increase of wealth and wealth, but also increases the relationship between husband and wife, promotes the development of family harmony, and makes the family more happy and healthy.

Where are the gourds hanging?

Fang Liang

In the earlier house construction, most houses have beams, especially those in rural areas, which basically have beams, not only make the house look more spacious, but also hang something on the beams, Chongqing Fengshui master Chen Sanwu Talk about the effect of storage. Hanging a gourd on the beam of the house is also a very good choice. It can protect the health of the family and can also gather wealth. For those with physical illnesses, the disease can be relieved.

What are Feng Shui gourd

Copper Feng Shui Gourd

Feng Shui ornaments made of copper are quite common. It can be said that most of the metal Feng Shui ornaments are made of copper, as is the Feng Shui gourd. Chongqing Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talks about the role of copper feng shui gourds, which is mainly used to enhance the relationship between husband and wife, that is to say, this is a decoration used to promote personal peach blossom. You can choose to put this kind of decoration on the bedside of the bedroom or the peach blossom position in the home, which can effectively enhance the relationship between the couple.

Where are the gourds hanging?

Wooden Feng Shui Gourd

Although the fengshui gourd made of wood is very similar to the natural dried gourd in material, the difference between the two is still very big. Chongqing geomancer Chen Sanwu said that most wooden gourds are used as pendants or pendants. For example, they are hung on the head of a bed or the flying star auspicious position. Especially when there is a patient at home, this feng shui gourd is very effective. Not only can it improve the feng shui in the home, it can also eliminate illnesses and disasters, and enhance personal luck.