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What kind of housing Fengshui living in Chongqing Fengshui master makes money

Many people know that fortunes are bad or fortunes are broken. These are often affected by many factors. Lu Miaomiao, a famous feng shui master in Chongqing, often talks about the reasons for feng shui. So, in Feng Shui, what kind of houses in Feng Shui live in bad luck? Let the house Feng Shui in this issue be analyzed for you.

Feng Shui what kind of house lives to break wealth

Messy at the door

Whether it is a door or a bedroom door, it represents a gas port in Feng Shui, which will directly affect the wealth and even the overall fortune of the people living! If the gates are cluttered and piled up, Chongqing Feng Shui master Lu Miaomiao's talks will cause the wealth to fall, so it must be kept neat and tidy. The second kind is that the house opened at the front door and back door of the house is easy to "burn money".

In order to save trouble, some people will open another back door to the front door. Not only is it convenient to enter and exit, but also the high temperature in the house can be blown away by the wind. But this pattern blows away not only temperature but also wealth. It is easy to cause the homeowner's money to fall into the pockets of others.

White tiger over Qinglong's house

On the right of some houses are tall buildings, or high-voltage towers, chimneys, and even overpasses (for the first and second floor residences), Chongqing Feng Shui master Lu Miaomiao talks, and the corresponding buildings on the left are low. Then, living in such a house, you will really feel the power of Feng Shui. Maybe you will be unhealthy, maybe you wo n’t be able to get rich, or maybe your career will be unsuccessful or even lawsuits. In short, a big reason is related to your feng shui across the poor house.

Feng Shui what kind of house lives to break wealth

The door is facing the window

The door to the window is often seen in the current community. Chongqing Feng Shui master Lu Miaomiao talked about the first door to window. For Feng Shui, the pattern of leaking money has been formed. Then the best solution is to make a porch inside the door. If the door you live in is facing the window , I can guarantee that your financial luck must be relatively poor.

The balcony at home faces the anti-bow road

The streets of the city are different and straight. If you look from the balcony, you will find that the street in front of the house is curved and the corners are straight toward the balcony. The anti-bow pattern on the street is a big evil and will lose money.

Feng Shui what kind of house lives to break wealth

Tuyere house

If the wind around the house is very strong, and the wind is very strong, Chongqing Feng Shui master Lu Miaomiao talked about it, do n’t buy it. Because even if the house is in good luck, it will be blown away by the wind. Feng Shui attaches great importance to "harvesting the wind to gather gas", which means that the place with strong wind will definitely not be a prosperous place.

Is it better to have a house without wind? In fact, it is not necessarily true that the wind is too large, but it is not good, but the wind is too small, which is not conducive to air circulation. Such a house is not suitable for living. The ideal living environment is a gentle breeze blowing slowly, and the fresh breeze sending cool, which is in line with Feng Shui.