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Chongqing Fengshui masters talk about how to make up for the lack of fire

Can the five elements lack water supply water? The people who lack fire need to know that some people's numerology is still a bit strange. The five elements lack fire, but the eight characters lack water. Is it necessary to replenish water? Can you replenish water? How to replenish water if replenishing water? Today, Chongqing Fengshui master Chen Sanwu explains how to make up for the lack of fire

[Increase knowledge] Five elements lack of fire! What should I do?

There have been five elements in China since ancient times. There are five elements in gold, wood, fire and earth, and all elements in the world will affect the numerology. Crystals are natural minerals. After hundreds of millions of years of hardening, they have been considered to have strange powers.

Five elements · Fire characteristics
Chongqing feng shui master Chen Sanwu talks about the fact that there are five elements in the five elements study, and the relationship between them is actually complementary and mutually restrained!

[Increase knowledge] Five elements lack of fire! What should I do?

The so-called mutualism refers to the relationship of mutual promotion and mutual breeding. The five-element mutualism is specifically: wood to fire, fire to earth, earth to gold, gold to water, and water to wood.

The so-called mutual suppression is the relationship of mutual inhibition. The five elements and mutual suppression are specifically: Mu Ketu, Tu Ke water, water Kehuo, Huo Kejin, Jin Kemu.

Fire belongs to red in the five elements. People who belong to fire are impatient, have strong self-esteem, and love face. Fire represents a kind of politeness, a respect for superiors and elders.

Crystal and Five Elements

With the help of the power of crystal, you can supplement the five elements of the missing genus. Jingsheng Jingshi provides crystal wearing reference for every customer who buys crystal: Chongqing Fengshui master Chen Sanwu talks about looking at the individual five element genus from Ziwei bucket number , Hit the happy god, the current situation (luck, mood, etc.), combined with the color of the crystal to choose the crystal that suits you.

The five elements belong to fire, and the corresponding color systems are red and purple, and the corresponding gems are ruby, Su Ji stone, quartzite jade.

Five elements lack of fire-suitable for crystal

People with lack of fire in the five elements are humble and respectful, their mental attention is not concentrated, and their work has no end.The color of the remedy is red or purple, which has a certain effect on those who are very irritable and have a lack of concentration.

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[Increase knowledge] Five elements lack of fire! What should I do?

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According to his birth date, Chongqing Fengshui master Chen Sanwu can determine whether he is cold, hot or ordinary, and then determine his five elements.

Hanmingren: Born after August 8th of the Gregorian calendar and before March 6th of the following year.

Destiny: Born after May 6th in the Gregorian calendar and before August 8th.

Pingmingren: born after March 6th of the Gregorian calendar and before May 6th. Wuxingmuhuotujinshui can be used, but gold is better.