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Famous Feng Shui masters in Chongqing talk about the layout of Feng Shui that affects family wealth

For feng shui, many people believe that they are stuck in how to arrange to be able to attract money, and to a certain extent, many people are very particular about the layout of feng shui. Chen Sanwu, a famous feng shui master in Chongqing, talks about the layout of feng shui that affects family wealth. Let's analyze the lucky feng shui for you.

Chen Sanwu, a famous feng shui master in Chongqing, discusses the layout of feng shui that affects family wealth

Living room layout This is the place where family members or guests stay, and it is also a place for gatherings and chats, so the decoration of the living room is really critical. Chongqing geomancer Chen Sanwu talked about feng shui science. Try not to put sharp objects in the living room, because the sharp objects will have a sultry atmosphere, which will lead to frequent quarrels at home, which is not conducive to family harmony. In addition, everyone needs to know that the sofa in the living room should not be placed under the beam to avoid disturbing the good luck of the home.

In the layout of the home, there must be a combination of high mountains and low water. From the perspective of feng shui, high people are mountains, and low people are water. There are high mountains and low mountains. Chongqing geomancer Chen Sanwu talked about the living room, the low sofa is water, and the high combination cabinet is a mountain, which is an ideal match. However, if a low combination cabinet is used, both the sofa and the combination cabinet will be short, which will become a pattern with no water and no mountains.

The feng shui layout that affects the family's wealth and wealth should avoid solitary objects. Geely calligraphy and painting at home has a very important role in boosting the appearance of the home and creating a rich atmosphere. If you want the red light to flash, you can hang the auspicious paintings and calligraphy. Chongqing Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu Tan includes such works as the peony flower symbolizing wealth and glory, the lotus flower and the koi figure that symbolize more than every year. There are still many particularities about hanging paintings on feng shui water. If landscape paintings are hung on the hall, it is necessary to observe that the water flows into the house and not out.

The entrance layout everyone knows that this is a very important scenery, and it is also the first scenery to get started. Chongqing geomancer Chen Sanwu talked about how the layout of the porch feng shui has a direct relationship with personal privacy and the quality of family luck, so the layout of the porch is very important. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the entrance should be placed in a bright place rather than a dim place. If there is no light at the entrance, it is best to use indoor lighting to remedy. In addition, the entrance must be clean and tidy, and don't pile too many things.

The feng shui layout of the wardrobe affecting the family's wealth is the function of storing the homeowner's clothing, and the owner's clothing is one of the important belongings in the family, so the wardrobe is naturally closely connected with the homeowner's wealth. Chongqing Feng Shui master Chen Sanwu talks about the material of the wardrobe is mainly wood. Feng Shui numerology positions the wardrobe as a "wood wealth star in the home". In home feng shui, the placement of the closet is the opposite of the placement of the wine cabinet. For example, it is preferred to face away from the door, second choice is on the same side as the door, and it is not appropriate to face the door, so it is more rich.