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Related Academics of Feng Shui in Chongqing Cemetery

Feng Shui in the Chongqing cemetery is a complex cultural phenomenon. The choice of the tomb site depends on the feng shui signs. Since ancient times, people have attached great importance to the choice of cemetery. The factors considered by the ancients when choosing a cemetery are: first, it is not necessarily good to be close to the capital; second, the location of the hometown, Caiyi, or ancestor is consistent with the traditional concept of "Ye Guigen"; third, the location of death, such as residence Ground and battlefield. In the field, it is often appropriate to the situation, such as traffic restrictions; fourth, other places, such as where to go. But generally speaking, we should choose the place where "there are photos first, then thin", that is, the water passes first, the peaks nestle next, and the territory is Verdun. In other words, the cemetery should be pillowed on the surface water on the mountain. Of course, there are many other things. For example, we must first clarify the orientation of water and water from acupuncture points, determine the orientation of the earth god according to the orientation of the water from the acupuncture point and the orientation of the water from the acupoint, and then determine the exact orientation of the earth god's position according to the earth's orientation. Starting with the coordination of the five elements of acupuncture points and funds, and at the same time referring to the surrounding environment of the acupoints, the exact direction of the location of the earth god is determined. This location of the earth god not only conforms to the situation of Yinzhai Fengshui, but also meets its rationality. Make it more in line with the requirements of Feng Shui signs, and better benefit future generations.

Fengshui in Chongqing ’s cemetery pays attention to the natural form. Using the spirit of the dragon, the gathering point of the meridian of the dragon is used as a hole. Nothing is fictitious, but available. It is a natural creation of heaven and earth. The good cooperation between Longshan and Shuihe requires local teachers to have a deep understanding of qi when their differences are inconsistent. Only the world can be a rich cemetery. Since ancient times, Feng Shui believes that life and death are interdependent. If the dead bodies can be properly buried, they will bless the children and grandchildren, which lays the foundation for people's attention to Feng Shui in the cemetery. The scientific fengshui harbingers of tombs mainly include the dragon veins, the selection of tombs, and the time and method of sinking. In order to investigate the style of the cemetery, it is necessary to analyze the development trends of mountainous areas, hydrogeology, and plants, and to understand the relationship between soil properties, burial sites, and the environment to determine the size, depth, burial time, layout, and construction of ground buildings.

Feng Shui in Chongqing's cemetery said: After the dead are buried, true energy will combine with cave energy to form vitality. It affects the fate of loved ones in the world through the way of communication between Yin and Yang. When we exhale, we become wind, when we rise to heaven, we become clouds, when we fall, we become rain, when we pop on the ground, we become angry. Anger prevails underground and nourishes everything at birth. Man is the crystallization of the blood of father, sperm and mother, so man is also the crystallization of yin and yang. Every living person has yin and yang qi. After death, the body will disappear, but the yin and yang qi will not disappear. The living person's bones condense, and the dead bones are not extinct, so the person is still alive. Therefore, the tomb should find a vibrant yin palace, combining the yin and yang qi with the fairy to protect the living relatives. The scripture says: Water flows abroad, this is the so-called outside air. It is precisely this meaning that the outside air passes through the boundary water and the gas in the soil naturally stops gathering. The scripture also says: shallow and deep, the feng shui omens are self-sufficient. Scholars are the mother of anger, but only with soil can they be angry. Qi is the mother of water. Therefore, it should be shallower in a dry and hot place, and deeper in a flat place.