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The importance of Mingtang in Feng Shui

Chongqing home feng shui is the main academic of feng shui fortune-telling. Home feng shui affects the luck of the occupants and has a long-term impact. The home feng shui is mainly reflected in the placement of furniture, the orientation of the house, and the spatial layout. A good Feng Shui has good fortune for family and future generations.

As an environmental science, Chongqing Home Fengshui cannot simply look at the interior of a house, or the location of the house. In fact, the location of your house, all the environments, such as mountain roads, rivers, alleys, neighborhood neighbors. These will produce feng shui. It also affects things such as blessings and misfortunes. Most people think that those public facilities, public buildings, neighborhood buildings and their own feng shui signs have nothing to do with it. In fact, this is a very wrong understanding. Most of the time, the feng shui influence of your house is very important in this environment. Its importance can be said to be more important than the indoor environment. It is a feng shui sign produced by natural laws, and some predictions are made based on these laws. But it cannot be completely accurate. We can only try to avoid adversity and seek happiness. Just like you can see the stone coming with your eyes, but you can't stop it. You must avoid it.

The feng shui sign of Chongqing home furnishing is regarded as superstition by people who do not understand it. In fact, this is very reasonable. We all know that the unified theory of cosmic holography is a new scientific theory. Chinese traditional culture believes that all the substances obtained in the universe are unified in the Taiji Yinyang fish model. Heaven, earth, people, Yin House and Yang House are all the same. Everything is inseparable from Yin Yang and Yang House. Five elements. The family housing environment will affect the prosperity of family members. Housing supplemented by the head of the household ’s life bureau can help people lead a prosperous life. Otherwise, each family can be divided into eight directions: east, south, west, north, southeast, southwest, northwest, and northeast. It is divided into East Fourth Hospital and West Fourth Hospital. Traditional feng shui studies divide the house into four houses: east house and west house. Sitting southeast to northwest).

In Feng Shui, there must be a Mingtang, and the size of the Mingtang represents the size of the cause. At the top of the house, the open hall refers to the spaciousness in front of the house. Today, in this urban society, the higher the buildings, the smaller the spacing. People live in cages like birds. They are very frustrated. To be honest, there is no clean hall in this building now. Whether it is a building or a building, it can be seen at a glance. Nevertheless, there are some buildings in the community that are well spaced. The living room is an indoor Xiaoming hall where family members get together or entertain guests. Because the bedroom is relatively small, the family bedroom is separate. Adults are adults, children are children. It is inconvenient to get together and chat with family. Therefore, the living room should be open. In general, the living room is rarely closed. However, some developers have designed the living room to be semi-enclosed.

In the process of decorating the bedroom of Chongqing Feng Shui, it should be noted that the bedroom door cannot face the mirror. Otherwise, it may cause the couple to lose harmony and mental weakness. At the same time, the bedroom door should not face the head of the bed to prevent neuralgia and headaches. The headboard should not lean against the bathroom wall to prevent back pain and rheumatism. In order to prevent neuroticism, it is not appropriate to place the bed under the beam. The bed is an important device in the bedroom, a place where people rest and sleep, and is closely related to the reproduction of children and grandchildren. There are many types of modern beds, such as sofa beds, box-spring beds, bandage beds, bamboo beds and wooden beds. In recent years, there have been water beds, muffler beds, air cushion beds, music beds, massage health beds, and air-conditioning environment beds. As a traditional single resting tool, the bed has developed into a multi-functional bedding which integrates rest, enjoyment and physiotherapy. Because the bed occupies an important position in people's lives, the position of the bed is very important.