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The Arrangement of Chongqing Feng Shui House Types

The ancient Chongqing home furnishing believes that it is better to sit in the north-south house with the living room in the east and the bedroom in the west. In modern residential design, the center of the house is generally designed as a living room, and almost no bedroom. The ancients said that the center of the house is the "hole", where the strongest anger is, the bedroom is the most angry in the center of the house. However, few people do this. As a result, everyone is retreating second, most of the bedrooms are set in the West, regardless of the ancient Feng Shui

According to common sense, the bedroom is the bedroom, and the toilet is the toilet. The two are completely independent. It should have been "well water does not violate river water". But I do not know when to start, there is a toilet in the bedroom of the modern house.

The three outlines and five constants are the moral codes advocated by the feudal society. The three outlines are the monarch as the minister, the father as the son, and the husband as the wife. Wuchang is benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. In Feng Shui, the three outlines refer to Qimai, Mingtang, and Shuikou.

Home feng shui is the platform for the rich and the poor. The Qi vein is the dragon vein, it is the mountains and rivers. The burial is angry, which means that the burial place should be selected on the vital dragon vein, so that future generations can flourish. The dragon is the root, and the sand is the leaves.

Mingtang is the outline of the beauty and evil of sand water. Mingtang is the empty space in front of the door. It is a gathering place for sand. "There is a pillow in the back, a court case in the front, a dragon sand on the left, and a tiger sand on the right."

Shuikou is the platform for life and death. The estuary is where the river flows from the two mountains after meeting. The water inlet is called "Tianmen"; the water outlet is called "Dihu". The more spouts, the more the water flows around, and the luckier the feng shui.

Perhaps to save space, or to facilitate the homeowner, many designs also put the bathroom door directly to the bed. These have indeed catered to the needs of the market to a certain extent. Such designs have become fashionable for a while, and many consumers have been rushing towards it as fashion.

Traditional feng shui believes that the toilet is a place with heavy yin, and it is also a place where corrupt air is generated. No matter where it is, if it is not handled properly, it will induce brain, mental, internal organs, spinal cord and other diseases.

Over time, it will make people feel tired, backache, but no specific cause can be checked. In severe cases, urinary system diseases may even occur. If you have a back pain and you can't find the cause, you may wish to pay attention, maybe the problem is in the bathroom in your bedroom.

According to an ancient mysterious record of the Yangzhai house: the bedroom is set on the west side of the house. In the morning, it can be fully illuminated by the eastern sun, and it is very warm in winter. The summer breeze blows into the southeast cool wind, and the winter can block the northwest cold wind. The entire house is a typical winter house with cool winter and cool summer. This is the charm of home feng shui