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Relevant matters of Chongqing Jiji Day

Choosing a lucky day in Chongqing is simply choosing a lucky day and a lucky day. Through the study and selection of time (year, month, day, hour) and space (direction, orientation), you can get its beneficial and harmless value, so as to achieve the purpose of seeking happiness and avoiding evil, seeking happiness and avoiding evil, and making the activity smooth get on. For example, entering a house, getting married, getting married, building a house, moving, opening foundations, moving, calming down, going public, opening a store, breaking soil, burying, etc. are all good ways to prevent disasters. Choosing the right day is to study the auspicious day of the zodiac. Time (day class), geography (mountain family and sitting position), person (day class user). With the cooperation in these three areas, we hope to get lucky stars, blessings, and good luck. All goes well without any adverse factors. We will always maintain peace and walk around so that we can make money. This is a good way to choose a day.

The gods of Chongqing's Jiji Day are Qinglong, Mingtang, Tianpu, Suzaku, Jindian, Tiande, Baihu, Yutang, Tianlao, Yuanwu, commander, and minister. Select the skill to call Qinglong, Tiande, Yutang, Commander, Mingtang and Jindian as the Six Yellow Heavens. The so-called lucky yellow days are the days in which the six gods live. Also known as the Great Zodiac Day, Pepsi. Take Qinlong Huangdao as an example: Yin Shen needs his family, Mao Youyuan is in Yin, and Chen Shu is in Long's place, and he was rescued in the afternoon. The meridian is close to the bottom of the gods, no ugliness. That is, January 2nd is the Green Dragon Zodiac, February 2nd is the Blue Dragon Zodiac, March 2nd is the Blue Dragon Zodiac, April 2 is the Blue Dragon Zodiac, and May 2 The day is the Green Dragon Zodiac, and May 2 is the Blue Dragon Zodiac. The second day of June and December. Mafia-Golden Twelve House-Baoguang Twelve House-White Tiger Twelve House-Fish Pond Twelve House-Tian Lao Twelve House-Yuanwu Twelve House-Sim Ming Twelve House-Gouchen Twelve House. The choice of auspicious day is not to ignore the auspiciousness of the year and month, but to watch each other and make a comprehensive choice. Auspicious days and lessons should not conflict with years or fate or birthday. If the zodiac day conflicts with fate or daily homework, if the black day and the lucky star (such as Tiande Yuede) do not conflict on the same day, you can also use the zodiac day. Do not be on the same day as the fourth holiday and the fourth holiday. Tiande, Yuede, Suide, Tianyuede and Suide, are the lucky days of the public, and the fourth year is a bad day for the public.

Chongqing Jiji Day should be: take things as longitudes, take gods as latitudes, take gods as purposes, take things as outlines. The White Tiger, Heavenly Penalty, Suzaku, Heavenly Prison, Xuanwu, and Ambassador in the Yellow Calendar are the evil days of the six mafia. The Green Dragon, Heavenly Virtue, Jade Hall, Shiming, Mingtang, and Golden Hall in the Yellow Calendar are the auspicious days of the six major ecliptic . In the almanac, except for dangerous days, fixed days, holding days, all days, and open days are lucky; in the almanac, construction days, all days, working days, rest days, closing days, closing days are dangerous. Ancient people traveled on auspicious days. Common divining travel notes such as Oracle oracles of the Shang Dynasty. The Shang people burned turtle shells or animal bones, and then judged the future based on the cracks in the turtle shell. In order to predict the quality of this trip, the emperor must conduct divination and inquiries during patrols, outings, hunting, outings, and expeditions. If you can't get auspicious, we will conduct auspicious inquiry within a few days, and then determine the date of the trip. This method of fortune-telling good luck and bad luck was quite popular in ancient times. In ancient China, almost every dynasty had divination officers to observe changes in the world, measure yin and yang, and predict the future.