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Basic understanding of palmistry in Chongqing

The palmistry in Chongqing has a history of more than 5,000 years, but it was developed on the basis of "accumulation of experience". So far, there is no scientific and systematic theory and technical system. Although we put the theory of "yin and yang, stems, branches, five elements, and biology ..." into the "experience accumulation" platform of "palm face research", we have not yet found the "palm face research and the five elements of Yin and Yang". "Natural Science Principles", this set of "palm research" sees that MS has a "system theory and technical system" in practice, and its accuracy is very frustrating. Even if it is sometimes accurate, the accumulation of experience at work is not the reasoning of the theoretical system. Therefore, China's "palmprint research" has become an embarrassing situation. It is necessary to remember thousands of assertions to see the face, "punctuality is not accurate." Man is the product of the natural environment. The formation, change and development of any part of the human body are the result of the influence of the natural environmental energy on the human body. The working people ’s hands are rough, the women ’s hands are soft, the people with long guns have marks on their shoulders, and the fingers with long guns have cocoons ... The evolution in the northern open areas is tall and strong, while the evolution in the southern rainforest is smart and short … These all prove the decisive influence of natural environmental energy on the characteristics of various parts of the human body.

Chongqing Palmistry has two hands, one on each hand. The left and right hands are divided into yin and yang, the palm and fingers are divided into yin and yang, the face and back are divided into yin and yang, the texture and color are divided into yin and yang, the shape is divided into yin and yang, and the flow of fingerprints and eddies is also mutually yin and yang ... Talent. Each texture can define the meaning of the past, present, future and these three talents. The five elements refer to the five elements of east, west, north and south, with spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons; the color of the five elements is the master, and the prosperity is the rest of the prison; Palm Mountain is also divided into five elements, each with its own owner . Among the five fingers, the thumb is earth, the index finger is wood, the middle finger is fire, the ring finger is gold, and the little finger is water. In addition to the earth, the five elements have three ways of talent: growth, prosperity, and decline. The earth can only be divided into yin and yang. Judging from the whole chapter of "Shenxiang", the existing whole chapter spine medicine seems to emphasize the superficial symbols. In other words, a symbol is used to determine the prison of life, which is similar to Indian palmistry. Qi Shixing, an Indian master of palmistry, once said in the book "Science Palmistry" that the spread of Indian palmistry includes China and Tibet. Palmistry in India also focuses on symbols, that is, today ’s patterns, fish patterns, temple patterns, etc. These are auspicious; the phoenix eye in the middle of the thumb is still important. In this case, the palmistology experts of later generations also agree that Chinese palmistry is deeply influenced by India.

Chongqing Palmistry is a simple, intuitive and practical knowledge in Zhouyi. It is not like eight characters. The birth information provided by the fortune teller does not necessarily affect the accuracy of the theory. The important thing is that ordinary people will not tell you his eight words to count you. The hands are also difficult to see. As for other knowledge, the prerequisites are limited and only one-sided. As long as your eyes are not blind, you can see it intuitively at a glance, so as to understand the personality and fate of this person, which is conducive to interpersonal communication and judgment on ordinary things. When we look at a human face, the basic principle is to first understand the meaning of certain parts of the human face, that is, to distinguish the different functions of the human face. Facebook is usually divided into twelve functional areas, namely the twelfth house of Facebook, which is different and represents the success or failure of life. Then, according to the nature of this part of the judgment, if there are moles or scars on the human body, what effect will be known.