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Chongqing Store Feng Shui elaborates on site selection skills

When choosing a homestead, the Fengshui store in Chongqing emphasizes the openness in front of the house and the anger of accepting all directions, which is consistent with the commercial emphasis on accepting tourists from all directions. According to this principle, when choosing the location of the storefront, the opening of the storefront should also be considered, and the storefront should not be covered, such as fences, poles, billboards, blind trees that are too large, etc. In fact, in the storefront Feng Shui In the middle, the direction of the door occupies a very important position, which is horrible. The role of the door is even directly related to the malignancy of the feng shui field of the store, so when we see the quality of the feng shui store, the first thing we should pay attention to is the direction of the store door. Generally speaking, the storefronts are facing north and south, so the storefront is not suitable, and a little layout can also form a strong fengshui sign; the storefronts facing west and east also have good fengshui signs. After all, Orientals have always said "Purple Qi comes to the east", Orientals can bring good luck to the store, Oriental Sun Daily E is full of vigor, and it can also make the owner more fighting spirit. From the point of view of product marketing, to achieve the purpose of establishing a business image, it is necessary to differentiate the appearance of the store, that is, to focus on creating the appearance characteristics of the store, to promote yourself and attract customers by using the unique appearance of the store.

The Feng Shui of Chongqing stores focuses on mountain and thick, Qianxiang Mountain and Chaoshan are relatively low, showing humility and congratulations. Therefore, we must carefully choose the stores around the store. Generally speaking, we can be close to big shops, but we should not face big shops, especially the heavy traffic across the road. At least in the same industry. Stores should not face the "T" character, should not choose the end of the corridor, and store feng shui knowledge should not face the tall building behind the elevator. We also want to avoid unlucky storefronts, mainly referring to some buildings that make people feel uncomfortable, such as chimneys, toilets, cowsheds, stables, funeral homes, hospitals, etc. The information brought by the ominous buildings was regarded as fierce by the signs of Feng Shui. Sit north and face south, avoiding heat and heat, and winter and cold. If the store faces north, winter is unthinkable. Cold is a bad breath. too heavy. It is harmful to people's business activities. When the cold wind hit, the salesperson was affected in another way. If he is healthy, if he is not healthy, he may get sick. The sudden depression of the shop building will cause an interruption in the pulse. It is difficult for the shop there to collect gasoline. It is best to drink the shop at the same level in the shop hall, so that the dragon will stop and the gasoline will gather. Mingtang is very important. The front of the store must be open and flat, with no obstacles. The storefront Feng Shui Knowledge Store suddenly highlighted the continuity and unity of many dragon veins and air circulation.

Fengshui in Chongqing stores mainly refers to chimneys, toilets, bullpens, stables, funeral homes, hospitals and other buildings that are prone to psychological discomfort. These buildings are full of smoke, odor, crying or disease. Feng Shui believes that the airflow brought by these unfortunate buildings is fierce. Of course, when choosing the location of a store, we should avoid opening in a place with unfortunate buildings. For other reasons, if we want to open a store in an unfortunate place, we must avoid these unfortunate things when opening the door and choose a superior direction to open the door. In addition, it is best to put a screen behind the door to set up some obstacles when breathing. The storefront should not be too small. The larger the storefront area, the more conducive to the popularity and the wealth. Choosing a spacious store without deep progress is better than choosing a spacious store with a narrow one. Access to narrow shops is one of the top ten commercial taboos. The shops face north and south. In the northern hemisphere, houses facing south and north cannot get enough sunlight. It belongs to Feng Shui darkroom, which is not conducive to prosperity. For commercial shops, the best option is to sit in a sun house facing south, so that you can avoid the sun in summer and the snowstorm in winter.