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The layout of Chongqing home feng shui pays attention to

Chongqing home feng shui is an important component that cannot be ignored in the living environment, but nowadays many developers develop houses that always have one or other shortcomings, so we should pay special attention to decoration and try to improve, especially at first glance The best way to get to the location is to "see three things but see four"! Red is the most traditional festival color in China. The first thing we think of is the auspicious and happy color, which makes people feel warm and excited. Therefore, it is a good morality to see the red door open, also known as the opening celebration. The green plants were seen as soon as they entered the door. Green plants give people a comfortable, natural and fresh feeling. Green also symbolizes the growth and vitality of all things. It can make the air fresh and have a more noticeable effect. Calligraphy and painting came directly to the door. If we enter the house, the first thing we see is an elegant calligraphy and painting. The first feeling is that the owner is really elegant, so the calligraphy and painting can reflect the master's cultural accomplishment and taste, and can play a role in relieving the rush feeling behind the door. At the same time, when I go home every day to see such a quiet and beautiful picture, my fatigue can be relieved.

Chongqing Home Feng Shui is talking about the status of "bright wealth" and "dark wealth". The position of "bright wealth" refers to the diagonal position on the left or right side of the entrance, which is commonly referred to as "bright wealth" by the public. "Dark Fortune" has its place in this building in different directions. The best way to distinguish the wealth status of the family is the wealth status of the Ming Dynasty. Every family will have it. This is the left hand side and throat of a doorway. The financial situation of the living room is related to the rise and fall of the family's economic wealth, career, reputation, etc., so attention should be paid to the layout and arrangement of the financial situation. The best financial position is the diagonal position of the living room entrance. Corresponding to the bright financial situation is the dark financial situation. You need to figure out the financial situation. The dark financial situation of the family is based on the purple and white starry sky, and is developing in the direction of the prosperity of the starry sky. For example: in a house facing north and south, hidden wealth is located in the southwest and north. The hidden wealth is located in a north-facing house, located in the northeast and south. Hidden wealth is located in a house facing east and west, east and north respectively. The hidden wealth is located in the south, northwest and southeast, in an east-facing house and so on.

The location of Chongqing Home Fengshui Qinglong refers to the east and left of the house. If there are tall buildings or high mountains to rely on, it is conducive to the development of the owner ’s career, and valuable people can help, and there are backed mountains! If they are low, their career is easily blocked and no one will help them. This problem can be solved by planting trees or bamboo on the site of Qinglong Building. The recommended number of trees is three or eight. The location of the white tiger refers to the west and right of the house. If there are tall buildings or mountain peaks in this place, it will raise the head of the white tiger, which can easily hurt people and cause accidental harm to family members. If it is low, it will not hinder. It can be solved by hanging the mountain town along the direction of Baihu. Highways and overpasses are driven by vehicles every day. They belong to water. They should be for money. However, due to the speed of high-speed cars, it is difficult to collect gasoline, which is the image of loss. Some overpasses have arc-shaped bends, which can form inverted bow brakes and unstable airflow. This is the image of currency leakage. It is easy to encounter small people and bring disasters of blood and light. Items such as elephants, golden toads, stone lions, dragon turtles, mountain and sea towns can be placed in suitable places.