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Chongqing's way to choose auspicious days

From the perspective of experts, Chongqing Zeji Day should be in harmony with nature. The significance of choosing the lucky day of marriage is to make married people respect nature and obey the time series of nature, so that married people can be unified in a beautiful time and within a hundred years. How to find a good time to get married? The Tongli calendar here is the yellow calendar, also called the yellow calendar, which is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. It has many calendars to indicate a day of good luck or bad luck. The main contents of the almanac include the date table of twenty-four solar terms, good or bad luck every day, zodiac itinerary, etc. How to choose a wedding day? The main principle for choosing a marriage date is to avoid inappropriate marriage dates. Blind year: Refers to the day when there is no "early spring" in a year. Usually the next year of "Double Spring" is the "blind year". However, the "blind year" also has auspicious days, so basically a blind year marriage is also indispensable. Festivals: Avoid January, so as not to run counter to New Year's Day. Avoid cloudy festivals such as Qingming and Magnolia in March and July. San Niang Sha: According to legend, Yue Liao did not lead San Niang to a red thread, so she could not get married. Based on the vengeance psychology, San Niang likes to fight with the elderly and destroy the happy life of the newlyweds. Therefore, it is not suitable to get married on the day of San Niang's evil deeds, namely the third day, the seventh day, the thirteenth, the eighteenth, the twenty-two, and the twenty-seventh. Birthdays of newlyweds and relatives: Avoid birthdays of newlyweds themselves and their parents, unmarried siblings. If both parents have passed away, avoid their taboos and fatal taboos.

Chongqing Jiji Day should not interfere with the three-stage system, which means that when the wedding is held, the relationship between the bride stages will have an adverse effect on the three stages. Especially when the bride gets on the car and gets off the car to worship the world, this negative effect is more serious. Therefore, in the traditional marriage and day selection documents, there will be this special content to remind those who do the wedding, before the wedding, they must avoid placing the newly-married couple ’s three-phase announcement in a prominent position so that everyone can understand See in order to prepare in advance. The wedding is a wedding. In order for the wedding to proceed smoothly, in order to safely participate in the wedding, professional lucky people, we must avoid three stages of notification to new customers, so as not to cause unnecessary harm. But now many people ignore this point, which is why Mr. Zhang Shu put this content in the first place. If you do n’t see a three-stage announcement when attending a wedding, for your own good luck, you can also ask the bride ’s phylogeny and calculate for yourself. Next, Mr. Zhang Shu will share the calculation rules with you. The rule that the bride should not interfere with the three-phase system is that the bride belongs to the positive numbers of phases 1, 5, and 9. That is to say, according to the genus of the bride, the first, fifth, and ninth genres of the bride are the genus that is easily injured at the wedding.

The correct method of choosing auspicious days in Chongqing should be based on events (referring to various civil activities), combined with the parties, according to the rules for choosing the appropriate date, and choosing the right time to carry out the activity is the correct way to choose the right date. If you are married, you must first choose the Italian month in which the bride was born as a condition, then choose the auspicious date for each person from the auspicious month of the bride's marriage, the appropriate auspicious date of marriage, and the birth date of the other party, and take the auspicious date For the criterion, choose the auspicious day and choose the auspicious day (auspicious day) as perfect. Other citizen day choices (lucky choices) and more! The purpose of choosing a day is to seek good luck and avoid bad luck, so when it comes to important issues such as marriage and building the earth, we must choose good luck or good luck. Otherwise, it will inevitably cause adverse consequences. Although we are not sure that all undesirable consequences will result from this, we are convinced that there will be many undesirable consequences due to the good luck or good luck of some of them.