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Basic understanding of the eight-character marriage in Chongqing

Chongqing Eight Characters Marriage is to match the eight characters of men and women together, study the five elements of the eight characters of the two parties in detail, the harmony between the good luck of both parties and the bad life, find out the good or bad marriage life of the two parties Make reasonable prevention suggestions. Unfortunately marriage will happen in the future, thereby improving the quality of marriage. According to mathematical theory, the decisive factor in determining the success or failure of marriage is the eight characters of boys and girls. The eight characters of men and women in marriage analysis mainly look at the information of the two characters in love, marriage and peach blossom. If both men and women have a good eight-character marriage, good marital status, and both parties have a proper combination of axioms, such a marriage, a happy marriage, is a very popular situation in a eight-character marriage; The eight-character marriage has hit the disadvantageous factors of marriage. Marriage is hard to be happy. According to the eight characteristics of birthday, we can analyze their natural destiny and predict their luck. The couple influence each other. Judging from the situation of one spouse, we can also judge the quality of the other. If the two-character analysis of the two shows that many factors are consistent, it means that they are relatively consistent; if the two are not related, or even opposite, it means that their marriage is unfavorable.

Chongqing Bazi marriage is also known as "marriage life" and "marriage marriage". Anciently called "Buji". At the beginning of the agreement between the two parties, "marriage" must be carried out. In the past, the happiness and misfortune of men and women depended on their destiny. If "life" does not match, everything will be fine and they will not be able to get married. At the time of marriage, the lady first wrote her daughter's annual "Geng" in the "Geng election poster". "Bazi" refers to the branches of the birth year, month, day, and time (that is, the combination of A, C, E, Geng, Ren and Tiangan's ugliness, Mao, Si, Wei, You, and Hai, used to represent the year of birth ,Month Day). They sealed it with red paper and mailed it to the people called "pressing" and "Xiao Ding". The man pressed Ms. Geng under the censer in front of the fire. If the dish does not break or get caught within three days, please propose to a fortune teller. Marriage is based on the incompatible blood relationship and fate. It is a rat, ugly cow, silver tiger, rabbit, Chen Long, snake, horse, god monkey, chicken, pickled dog, sea pig, etc. If they are compatible, it depends on whether fate is compatible. The five elements of life are wood, fire, earth, gold and water. The five elements are Muhuo, Huotu, Tujin, Jinshui, and aquatic wood; the five elements are Muketu, Tukeshui, Shuikeuo, Huokejin, and Jinkemu. The destiny of the five elements is determined by the heavenly stems, namely A and B wood in the east, Geng Xinjin in the west, propidium fire in the south, Renguishui in the north, and Wuji soil in the middle. If a man was born in the first year of life and a woman was born in the third year of life, wood can make a fire, life is complementary and can be married; if a man was born in the fifth year of life, it belongs to local life, and a woman was born in In the second year of life, it belongs to the life of wood. Wood can conquer the earth. Li Tie complements each other. This is an example of taboo.

From the perspective of the eight-character marriage in Chongqing, the fate of men is more powerful than robbery, and when the wife and stars of the God of Wealth are hurt, the choice of women's fate is also greater. Conversely, if the eight characters of women ’s destiny match each other and steal too much money, they should cooperate with the destiny of men, god eaters and officials, so that they can reconcile each other and turn evil into good luck. Therefore, if a woman's four pillars are in awe of God, then the woman will become a destroyer, a loser, a broken family. The four pillars of husband and wife use God to live together and benefit each other, such as men fetching more water, women fetching more land, men want land, women need water, this marriage, not only men and women love each other, but also grow old together. When the world is in harmony, it can only be combined to avoid God, not God, and punishment can only hurt God, not God. The combination of punishment and punishment should have appropriate benefits. Such a marriage is very successful.