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Relationship between Fengshui in Chongqing Cemetery and Future Generations

Feng Shui in Chongqing's cemetery said: After the dead are buried, the true energy will combine with the cave energy to form vitality. It affects the fate of loved ones in the world through the way of communication between Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang turned into wind when they exhaled, clouds turned into clouds when they went up to the sky, rain turned into rain when they fell, and anger turned into gas when they popped underground. Anger prevails underground and nourishes everything at birth. Men are the crystallization of father's sperm and mother's blood, so men are also the crystallization of yin and yang. Every living person has yin and yang qi. After death, the body will disappear, but the yin and yang qi will not disappear. The living person's bones condense, and the dead bones are not extinct, so the person is still alive. Therefore, the tomb should find a vibrant yin palace, combining the yin and yang qi with the fairy to protect the living relatives. In fact, the feng shui harbinger of the cemetery is to realize its potential. It refers to a combination of air fields composed of the sun, moon, stars, sky, earth, mountains, rivers, accumulated convex water, trees, vegetables, rocks, and so on. The sun, moon and stars are the general trend and the general direction. Heaven, earth, and mountains and rivers constitute the middle ground, bearing the world. The near mountains and the near water constitute a small trend, leading to the spiritual realm of death, starting the cycle of death, and evaporating death into vitality, which can be used for cooling and future generations. Feng Shui masters tend to use compasses to measure, which means to gain momentum, but the stars will move and the air field will change over time. Therefore, it should be changed according to the time of the tomb.

Fengshui in Chongqing ’s cemetery has the most obvious influence on future generations, that is, grandpa and grandson resonate most. According to the feng shui signs of the cemetery, its impact on future generations is different. Some cemeteries are thriving, some cemeteries are thriving, some cemeteries are thriving, some cemeteries are good for marriage, some cemeteries are not good for marriage, some cemeteries are good for men, and some cemeteries are good for women. The cemetery also judged the impact on future generations based on the situation of Bagua 24 Mountain and the children. For example, from the macro environment, there are mountains in the north and rivers in the south. In this environment, if the right acupuncture point is chosen, the cemetery will usually prosper for its descendants or officials. For example, the cemetery surrounded by mountains in the north is in principle conducive to the marriage of Chinese men, while the cemetery surrounded by mountains and rivers in the north is detrimental to the marriage of Chinese men. For example, the opening and flatness of Zheng Xi ’s cemetery is conducive to the marriage of young girls, while Zheng Xi ’s barren cemetery hinders the marriage of young girls. For example, in low-lying or seemingly watery cemeteries in the north, Wang Dai usually has more daughters, and her daughters are more powerful and promising. Cemeteries with higher sunrises in the north or east are usually built for Wangbai boys. There are more boys, and boys are more successful in their careers.

Chongqing cemetery Fengshui believes that opening Mingtang is conducive to the cultivation of talents and the smooth development of their careers. Therefore, the cemetery must not only "mountain see water spout", but also "into the cave to see the Ming Tang." The opening of Mingtang means that there should be a wide flat in front of the cemetery. The opening of Mingtang means that the cemetery can be illuminated by open spaces. If the sun cannot shine, then the luck of the family will not rise. Mingtang Cemetery is a good fengshui treasure cemetery, which can benefit future generations and has broad prospects. Coiled means dragon vein. A good fengshui sign must have a dragon vein in a cemetery. Dragon vein refers to a mountain where light can be seen. The principles of feng shui advocate "straight" and "wind flat". Roads should be curved, and mountains and water should be curved, that is to say, to avoid direct entry and to stop the brake gas from frontal impact. Such a cemetery, with its vigorous veins and intertwined yin and yang dragon veins, is a good feng shui cemetery sign.