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Chongqing Feng Shui fortune-telling how to see the good face

Feng Shui fortune-telling in Chongqing focuses on feng shui academics. Fortune telling has a long history in Chinese history. Many people think it is a superstition, but it is not true. Fortune telling academics have existed for nearly a thousand years, which shows the accuracy of fortune telling.

Chongqing Feng Shui fortune telling is the relationship between the motion of celestial bodies and the location of the earth we live on. There is a certain track between them, which leads to climate and seasonal changes, geographical location configuration and people's living environment. If you match, add, multiply, and divide the year of birth, it will become the principle of birth. For example, if a horse was born in the north of winter, his life will not be better, because the horse does not graze in the north of winter; if the year of the rabbit is born in the south of spring, close to mountains and rivers, his fate will be better. . It is natural and common sense for geomantic omen and geography to determine the pros and cons of their effects on people based on the orientation and topography of celestial bodies. If you follow nature, you will get the right time and the right mountains; if you violate nature, you will get the opposite result. Philosophically speaking, it belongs to applied philosophy of physics or natural science. Modern people use the scientific basis of magnetic fields and magnetic forces to explain feng shui signs and geography. The concentration point and direction of the magnetic field are beneficial to the human body and also to human emotions. Otherwise, the situation is reversed.

Five-star middle house: The middle house means the nose. This full-bodied nose is usually not very long. Some meat heads are too much like dogs to ignore steamed buns; some skins are too thin; some have no meat but only heads; some meat heads are suitable, but unfortunately the nose is rosacea. The nose is fleshy and shiny at the same time. Shoe polish is better, still white. The bridge of the nose should not be too high, but it should not be too low. It should be as low as the basin. It is best not to grow a nose. As for how to understand truncation, it depends on your spatial logic. In fact, the truncation is straight, without edges, straight, without shadows, rich, and without punishment. Fire is eyes, water is ears. The eyes need God, and the ears need to listen. The eyes are not afraid of myopia, hyperopia and amblyopia, but are afraid of stupidity, ignorance and ignorance. Ears are not afraid of tinnitus, only deafness. The eyes can be large or small, but not many are indispensable. There is no market with one eye at all. For a dog with three eyes, the best way is to put one on weekdays, otherwise people will think that there is a wheezing dog behind you. People with big eyes should be able to squint, people with small eyes should be able to open, people with long eyes should be able to flash, people with short eyes should be able to close. The ears should have flesh, especially ear hammers, it should be rich and powerful, but we should not pierce the ears and eyes frantically because of the flesh in the ears. The sky is round, the sky is round, and the earth is square and damp. This face is big, but not bigger than Chow Chow; this face is thick, but not thick enough for cowhide; this face is round, but not round enough for tires. The back of the head should not be too deflated, the deflated secret should be in RMB; the occipital bone should not be too deformed, the ex-wife should take the euro; the cheek should not be too convex, highlighting the ghost of the dead wife to beg for ghost coins.

The good life of Chongqing Feng Shui fortune-telling women can be seen in her words and deeds. Manners, clothes, language and actions all show a person's taste and identity. As the Zen master said, you don't need to open your mouth, just a few steps to understand your realm. Don't pretend. When summer comes, women desire to be cool and wear dewy clothes. Such a woman is not a king's palace, a woman in exposed clothes is followed by many demons. The whole temperament is very vulgar. There is a proverb in the ancients: "Women should train men to be saints, not coveted women's beasts." This is not elegant enough, but true. Women should be restrained and conservative. The woman decides the rise and fall of the family. Whether a woman can hide determines her self-cultivation. Women belong to Yin. Yin should be hidden. First, it should be displayed on clothes. Women's clothes should not be too exposed, it is best to hide them. Men correspond to the sky, women correspond to the place. If the land is not hidden, it is like desertification. Can the land be planted with trees? But now women are becoming more and more hidden. Women who cannot be hidden often have no luck.