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Taboo of Chongqing home feng shui

If you think that Chongqing home feng shui is superstitious, then you are wrong. Feng Shui Omen is a kind of public opinion, mainly to achieve a balanced relationship with the environment. A good feng shui layout can reduce the negative energy in the space and bring positive energy. When decorating the feng shui in your home, there are five things you can't put, otherwise it will cause bad luck.

Chongqing home Feng Shui photos and pictures are elements that make the home environment easier to decompress. However, work with violence and sadness can affect the atmosphere of the house, thus destroying the emotions of the residents. Therefore, when choosing decorations, be sure to choose an image that helps relax the body and mind and bring a sense of harmony to promote the happiness of family life. Stop the clock, whether it is due to damage or battery exhaustion, it should be repaired or re-equipped as soon as possible. Clocks are tools that help us calculate the passage of time, but if they stop, they can easily affect the harmonious flow of energy. One of the goals of Feng Shui is to stimulate the flow of positive energy in the family. At home, avoid using objects with obvious edges and corners that disrupt the harmonious flow of energy. On the contrary, where possible, circular and arc shapes are used to promote the harmonious flow of energy. The mirror's ability to reflect on the surface will continuously transfer energy to the individual, making you tired after a break. If you must install a mirror in the bedroom, it is best not to install it in front of the door or window, because the mirror reflects foreign energy. It is also not suitable to be placed in front of the bed, which will make you feel more tired. Black sheets, bedding and blankets will bring a negative atmosphere and affect the mood of residents. If you must use this color, remember to choose a relaxing, vibrant color accessory to play an intermediary role.

If you want to ask, what is the first piece of furniture you encounter when you enter a modern family? I am afraid most people will answer this question: shoe cabinets. In modern apartment buildings, shoe cabinets are a must-have porch furniture for almost all families. Because the shoe cabinet is located in front of the air inlet of our house, it will directly affect the air inlet of the house. Today, I will introduce some Feng Shui taboos for shoe cabinets. In order to save indoor space and make the door look neat, many families put shoe cabinets or shoe racks outside the door. In fact, such a shoe cabinet will cause confusion outside the house, directly affecting Mingtang's feng shui. From the perspective of outsiders, the level of the entire house decreases, and the spirit of the house naturally decreases. At the same time, the shoe cabinet outside the door is equivalent to "harmoniously" blocking the door, which is inappropriate. The original shoes "will bring" guests into the door, let people see the psychological effect of "harmony", so it is more appropriate to put the shoe cabinet on the door. The entrance door is the breathing port of our entire house. The air field at this location must not be severely impacted, including the shoe cabinet. Although the shoe cabinet is very useful, it is not a good display after all. Must not be placed directly at the entrance. It should be placed on the side of the entrance as much as possible.

In China, Chongqing home feng shui has different requirements for the size of the living room due to the difference in cultural geography between North and South. However, whether the lobby is small or large, the living room is not only a place to welcome guests at home, but also a large and small center for daily activities. The living room is of strategic importance in the layout of the house. Judging from the layout of the living room, the master's self-cultivation and demeanor, that is to say, the so-called elegant room needs to be large and not much floral. Due to the wide range of the living room, it is interrelated with other functional spaces, and there are many types of furniture. Whether it is a beautifying room or a nursing room, its impact on the entire room traffic cannot be ignored. For wealth and risk avoidance, the status of the living room is very important. Its layout and decoration must be carefully considered in order to achieve the purpose of peace of mind and gathering energy to generate wealth. The color of the living room affects not only perception but also emotions. The color matching of the living room, although it is not necessary to set off the five lines of the head of the household, but the direction of the living room must be considered, and the direction of the living room depends mainly on the direction of the living room window. The windows face south and belong to the living room facing south; the windows face north and belong to the living room facing north.