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The importance of Feng Shui in Chongqing

Feng Shui in Chongqing stores is very important for opening a store. The quality of Feng Shui will affect the rise and fall of the store. This is not superstition. Feng Shui academics have been proven in China for thousands of years. Not careless.

The perfect store is not easy to find, and there are some obstacles to the entry of wealth. If we can avoid serious obstacles and increase the business layout, we can also have good stores. At the corner window of the intersection, there is always a road behind the shop, which can cause business depression. The road is one of the signs of Feng Shui. If the road next to the store is curved and bent down to form a "reverse bow, losing money and losing water", it will cause the money to be robbed and scattered outwards, unable to absorb the strong gas. If the Goma highway vehicles are moving in the opposite direction, it will also prevent the prosperity from converging and affect financial transportation. No matter how good the services and goods in the store, they rely on publicity to make people aware. Propaganda is also a kind of airflow. The quality of publicity affects people ’s reputation and store business. Some storefronts are too small or too concealed, covered with trees and fences, the cover in front of the storefront should be removed to make the storefront obvious. Even if it is impossible to change the occlusion state. The sign should also be enlarged or overhanged, and clearly indicate the service items, so that customers can glance from a distance.

There should be no sewage ditches in front of the Fengshui doors of Chongqing shops, and no sewage pits under the doors. From a modern point of view, the door is like a person's face. If there is sewage, it will give people a dirty feeling. Of course, the image is not good, and it is difficult to conduct business. The door of the store should avoid facing some buildings, such as chimneys, toilets, cowsheds, stables, funeral homes, hospitals, etc., which are called unlucky by Feng Shui. These buildings are full of smoke, smell, crying or sickness. These airflows brought by bad luck buildings are considered bad luck by feng shui signs. It is not suitable to run a small grocery store here, but it is not suitable to run restaurants and hotels. In addition, for operators, often in such an environment, it will also cause mental pain and mood. The store should not face the escalator connected to the upper floor. An elevator moving upward from the lower floor, if it faces the front of the door, is called the "pump room", which also belongs to the auspicious prosperity theory. Conversely, if an escalator leads to the next floor in front of the store, the situation will change. This is a kind of money refund, also known as "curtain water". In other words, the money and water in front of the store will be taken away as a stage where no money is collected.

The beauty pursued by Feng Shui in Chongqing is the overall beauty, not the fragmented and broken beauty. People in mountain management are in charge of finance and economics, and "mountain without water" emphasizes the beauty of overall harmony. However, most modern urban buildings exhibit different heights and uneven shapes, that is, the appearance of a single building breaks the overall unified pattern, plus some criss-cross cables, wires and numerous messy residential doors and windows, which are serious Undermined the overall harmony of the United States. Long-term residence will affect people's thinking, behavior, speech, emotions, emotions, and even some physiological and psychological changes, making people anxious, tired, inattentive, and reduced self-control. It may even cause diseases such as neurasthenia and insomnia. Therefore, the overall harmony of urban architecture is very important and also meets people's aesthetic requirements. The business place is an important place for wealth. It focuses on Feng Shui. If you want to prosper, you must choose the feng shui harbinger, the boss is prosperous, the yin and yang are balanced, and the environment is good. The development of an enterprise depends mainly on the fate of the boss, but the information in the company's fate must be coordinated with Feng Shui Zhao and good luck to reflect good or bad luck. A good feng shui atmosphere can make the business develop smoothly, and the company will work together to promote the success of the business.