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Chongqing's way to choose auspicious days

Chongqing Jiji Day is designed for service choices and auspicious days. People will choose a good day when opening, relocating, and getting married. A good day represents good luck and will have a great impact on future luck.

Whether it is a family or a company, enterprise, shop, factory, or mining unit, relocation from the original place of residence to a new one is not only related to the safety of people, property, and materials during the relocation, but also to the problem of re-adaptation to the new environment. More importantly, will life in the new house be smooth and safe after that? These are all days related to relocation, so we must choose auspicious days. Store "Auspicious Opening" is a popular auspicious word when businesses and stores open. No one wants to see the shop open business quietly, so on the day of opening, the merchants often hang lanterns and hold a grand banquet to win the grand prize. The timing of opening is closely related to the store ’s operating and financial status. We must choose Jiri to open. We cannot despise it. When building houses and shops, the ancients worried that they would disturb God. They will of course ask someone to choose a good day and hold a ceremony to notify God. Here is a solemn reminder to you: the start of construction is directly related to the safety of the construction personnel, please choose the start of construction. In the new year, if you already have some plans to do something, you better choose a lucky day for yourself and choose the right time to do something in order to achieve better results.

Chongqing Jiji Day chooses days according to its own birthday, and then filters out the folk festivals. The last day should be selected according to the division rules. The day chosen in this way is most suitable for you. First choose the auspicious day of the zodiac to get rid of the underworld. The auspicious day of the zodiac is the day of the six gods: Qinglong, Tiande, Yutang, Shimin, Mingtang and Jinkui. When the Six Gods are on duty, they do everything to avoid danger. They are called "auspicious days of the zodiac" and usually refer to good days for doing something. On the contrary, Mafia Day refers to the Day of the Six Gods: White Tiger, Heavenly Prison, Basalt, Actor, Heavenly Penalty, and Fate. When these six priesthoods are held, they are not suitable for civil affairs. The Yellow and Black Road is a heavenly road, and it has a high proportion in choosing a day. Generally speaking, Zodiac Day is more suitable for folk celebrations, such as marriage, moving, and opening business. Black days are conducive to military, conspiracy, and self-interest. Use eight characters to select the date. By calculating the eight characters of a person ’s birthday and the information of the heavenly and earthly branches, we can choose to be born to help ourselves and filter out the unfavorable days of good days ruled by God. Analyzing the eight characters in the Word of God is a very complicated task. If we use God in the wrong way, the result is often ridiculous. Therefore, please choose an experienced teacher to manually criticize your favorite eight words. Filter out folk festivals. There are many folk festivals everywhere. The most important festivals we must avoid are the fourth holiday, the fourth waste day, the Shangshuo Festival, the Red Sand Festival, the fireworks festival, the ten evil days, and Yanggong's thirteenth festival.

Chongqing Jiji Day is very important. A good day is a good start. As the saying goes: get time, get place, get time, get people; give birth to a child, get a woman; get a good place, get a blessing; not a real dragon wins the sun and the moon, but a wealthy family, etc. In ancient times, people calculated the effects of the sun, moon and other planets on different regions, and produced different good and bad effects. It can be seen that the importance of choosing a day and its cultural heritage. Choosing a day is an important way to get the help and benefit of good luck that day. Old-style calendars and old almanacs are often full of information about choosing a day of good or bad luck. In particular, they remind those who desire convenience that if they can't see Huang Li said they are suitable for marriage, they will set a good time for life. Because this is a lucky day for most people, it may not be for you. Therefore, it is best to choose a day that is suitable for your travel.