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The Theoretical Basis of Fortune-telling in Chongqing

Fortune telling is an important way to predict the good luck and bad luck in Chongqing . Bazi is fixed. For people, a good birthday has a great influence on their transportation, whether it is fortune or marriage. very important.

The fortune telling of the eight characters in Chongqing, commonly known as "bazi", is based on the person's birth year, month, day, and hour, coupled with a total of four columns and eight characters. Poor splashing, a lucky way to kill. The essence is based on the five elemental energy states and combination forms of the time and space points of the birth of the Japanese Lord, and this original combination of energy state forms with the influence of external factors and the huge field energy of the new years, there have been new changes in the five element forces, forming new The combination of energy states has produced a change of good and bad for man. This theory is consistent with the five-element balance theory of traditional Chinese medicine. So the four-pillar push is not superstition, we have reason to rely on. Of course, the metaphysics of mathematics has a certain purpose in nature, and it is enough to know that it is seven or eight points.

To learn Chongqing fortune telling, you must first understand what we want to study? Many students know that the subject of the study is the four pillars, and revealing life through the four pillars is the main object of our research. The age and luck, that is, the Universiade and the fleeting year, are objects. It is to see what new changes the mission bureau produces after the age luck intervenes in the fate, to judge what changes the life lord has at each step. So for our research on this topic, we mainly look at how the Four Pillars themselves are affected by the Universiade, and then simply say that they are looking at the changes in the Four Pillars, not by the Universiade and the Fleet. . Seeing whether the word Universiade or Liunian is injured, this reverses the relationship between subject and object, and reverses the research object. If it is said that the fate is too old, this kind of thinking essentially reverses the research object. Perhaps it is said that there are still many students who can't get over the corner. To illustrate with an example, it may be clearer. For example, we want to see the resistance of a piece of wood. We use a hammer to smash it. This piece of wood is the object we want to study, which is equivalent to the four columns we studied. This hammer is equivalent to the age and luck of the four columns.

Wealth is in the eight characters, and poorness is in luck. Fortune-telling in Chongqing is like a factory, and Dayun is an administrative official. However, depending on the impact of transportation on the fate of the game, although there is a good life but not in time, the hero is useless. On the contrary, although the eight-character structure is general, and transportation can help, it can also take advantage of time. Dryness is a favorite, but it depends on the influence of the earth branch on the dryness. Although dryness is the god, it is weak and should not be used. To avoid, but weak should not be a big murderer. Anyone who sees luck for ten years can't talk about one word or a five-year theory. For the way of fortune, one-eighth character has one-eighth character theory, the reason is very precise, and the law is very lively, only a brief outline. Change is in people, not mud. If the official takes the chance, it is allocated according to the rule of the official. Officials use financial seals, slightly lighter will help them, and lighter officials will help them. If the officials are exposed, they can't meet each other. Clashing with the local government, regardless of the situation, is not good. Officials use their wealth, Yunxi Yin is in a place of prosperity, and avoid eating injuries. If the body is strong and the financial officials are weak, the financial officials can still be taken. The official was Pei Yin, Yunxi Caixiang, and he was hurt by food. If the official is light weight and wears an imprint, it is appropriate to be prosperous, and there is no need for wealth. Officials bring food to their wounds and use printing. Yunxi Guanwang is the hometown of Yinwang. If the printed ribbons are stacked, the fortune is not harmful. The official is blamed, but the food will not hurt. If he hits it with a robbery, then the fortune is feasible, the injury is feasible, the body is prosperous, and the ink ribbon can also be done, but the seven evils are revealed. If the destiny is to use the wounded officials together, it is feasible to eat both food and wealth, and it is not appropriate to go to India.