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Taboo in Chongqing Home Furnishing

Chongqing home feng shui is very important when people live. A good feng shui can bring good luck to the family. On the contrary, bad feng shui will also bring bad luck. Then, what issues should we pay attention to in home feng shui What?

The influence of Chongqing home feng shui on people's fortune is obvious. The best way for residential feng shui should be tailored according to the characteristics of the owner. But there are also some general principles that apply, that is, in the home layout, you can not commit some taboos on the feng shui, otherwise it will not only live uncomfortably, but also directly affect the owner's fortune and health. Here are five common taboos and solutions.

Taboo 1. The balcony is directly opposite the kitchen.

The balcony facing the kitchen is also a kind of "through heart", which will make the family reunion function weakened, the husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will be uneasy in the room, and the child does not like to go home.

Taboo 2. The door is directly opposite the balcony

Don't face the balcony when you enter or exit the gate. This forms what is called "through the heart". It will not be easy for the family to gather money, and there will be things that break the money.

Taboo 3. The toilet location is in the middle palace

The location of the toilet is very important in the home feng shui. If the plane of the house is divided into nine equal parts and is located in the middle of the house as the "middle house", the position of the home toilet cannot be in the "middle house", which is called " The toilet occupies the middle palace, which is bad for the family's wealth and family health.

Taboo 4. The overhang of the balcony shelter is arrow-shaped

The canopy of the rain shelter should be curved and avoid arrows, otherwise, it will be detrimental to those who often enter and exit the balcony.

Taboo 5. The sofa is placed under the beam

The couch and bed should not be placed under the beam. People who use the couch and bed for a long time are prone to sickness.

Chongqing home feng shui should not be too narrow when setting the entrance, and should not be equipped with reflective lenses. It should not be equipped with beams, seven-hole and eight-hole antique frames, gods with swords and swords, sharp corners, and claws with teeth. . The feng shui of the porch, like to maneuver, avoid direct rushing, so as to truly play the mediation role of evacuating the porch, gathering energy, and welcoming the luck. The door saw the stove and was close to the bathroom. Many people did not pay attention to the kitchen. They thought it was just a place to cook rice and boil water, so they thought it was irrelevant. In fact, this is a big mistake. Seeing the stove at the door means that the door is facing the kitchen, which is not very rich. In modern houses, due to the limited area, in order to facilitate design and save space, they often connect the kitchen to the bathroom, and even open the door of the bathroom in the kitchen. When entering or exiting the bathroom, pass the kitchen first and then go to the bathroom. Such a design is a big disadvantage of feng shui, a design that does not gather wealth.

The kitchen is the energy zone of fire, and there is more "dry fire gas"; the toilet is the energy zone of water, and there is more "single air". Both "dry fire" and "single shade" are unlucky. Water and fire are adjacent, which will cause a magnetic field to burst, and secondly, it will affect the energy state of the entire house. The bathroom is connected to the kitchen, and the two atmospheres are flushed, which is easy to cause a water and fire situation, resulting in a family with many diseases. The living room is the connection point between the dynamic and static of the whole set of rooms. It is the activity center of home life and the place to welcome guests. It is also the core place of the whole set of rooms. Why not be big, the floral fragrance is not much. The lighting in the living room must be good. Avoid horizontal or vertical corridors running through the center of the living room. It is necessary to take into account the visits of guests and the privacy of family life, and strive to look around in all directions and not be easily noticed.