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How to see marriage from Chongqing Bazi marriage

Chongqing Bazi marriage is an important method of predicting marriage. Marriage is a matter for two people. Therefore, it cannot be made up at random. For men and women, a marriage where Bazi is not rushing and can influence each other is very good.

Marriage is a major event in life. In today's society of love and marriage autonomy, the problem of marriage has become a social problem. As divorce has increased, polygamy and extramarital affairs have become more and more serious, and many single families and singles have emerged. Can we find the law in Chongqing's eight-character marriage? Youwu Xuchen was created in the husband's palace to wear a husband star, and it is a typical life of multiple marriages. You is the first husband and has been divorced (although you wear it, but you are married, so you must leave after you have finished, 99 years away); noon is the vice palace, so the second husband is Yue Qiangeng , Geng and Japanese Lord Jiamu ran into each other, and it was empty again. The second marriage in Guiwei, the second one is currently separated, and the second year has gone abroad, there is no shadow, and will soon divorce, it is estimated that this year (Bingxu year) will leave, because Bingeng rushed. The third husband is sitting on the soil and can do the work. He sits down and holds the Kuxiongchongchong, Chenxuchong. So the third husband is good, she is her real husband and will grow old. The library was opened, so it was a fortune-telling character. It was an internal food (injury), a business, both a storefront and a business, and the people were beautiful, virtuous, rich, and a serious person without peach blossoms. Note: The couple's palace wears the couple star, Kuff! Women who have strong abilities, are rich in money and look good at women, and start their own businesses! Jiajihe, unitary is the first husband; Gengwu, a column of noon, half of the noon, or noon for the husband palace, so Geng is the second husband! Jiageng rushed, the second husband was an overseas Chinese, the husband of Yiyoun left, Bingshu left, this time is short; prediction: Bingshu was the third husband, the third was in position, settled down! Chong Chen, the store should be the money on the portal, and the god of food and enterprise!

Judging from the eight-character marriage in Chongqing, the marriage time of a person is not absolute, because of the difference in time, region and customs, the same marriage life may be different in the countryside and the city. The numerology only suggests that a certain life may be married In the face of this opportunity, some people get married, some people just talk about things, and some people live together, there is no need to get married, so look at marriage must be combined with their living area and customs. ? Another thing to refer to is the position of the spouse star in the horoscope. Generally speaking, those with spouse stars appear to be married early, and those with spouse stars appear to be married late. A woman who lives every year to injure an official food god prosperity can be broken into a late marriage; a man who lives more than a robber is also a sign of late marriage. ?

This life and death has high roots, and the message of late marriage is obvious. At that time, Guan Xing even said that he was married late, and when the official star died, he was born in the city. I am afraid that he may not be married now. It can be ordered that Master Xin got married at the age of 23. From the numerology point of view, Haimao was not in a three-in-one game. The combination of husbands, husbands, and taisui conforms to the law of marriage, but more importantly, she lives in rural areas. Local customs, girls want to marry their mother-in-law about 20 years old, she married at 23 years old is too late. Because Xin Weinian had n’t formed a seal, the official star ’s spirit was suppressed. For the master, official star ’s reaction was very weak. It can be inferred that her marriage this year was very reluctant. The words of the matchmaking. Of course, Haimao did not synthesize the wood board to restrain the wounded officer, and the arrogant personality of the wounded officer refusing to marry was suppressed. This is indeed the case. Note: In addition to the reasons mentioned by Master Duan, this problem should also have a problem: the injured officer is high and proud, and he is very proud of his marriage. Bring the elephant, Xin to Yingguan arrive, Xin Weinian is the official star has arrived, Haimao has not tripled, the star palace moves together, it is sure to be married !?